2 bank employees held for fraud in Himachal Cooperative Bank

Shimla: In a shameful incident, a fraud involving Rs. 14 lakh was detected recently at the Himachal Pradesh State Cooperative Bank at Shimla involving two of it’s employees.

Himachal Cooperative BankPolice said the two accused reactivated a dormant account and then used it for transferring money from other accounts for the past six years. Upon investigating the case, the police nabbed Sanchit Acharya, junior clerk and Vijay Kumar, computer operator.

The fraud came to limelight last week when the accused did a transaction of 6 lakh and a re-audit of the bank computer system of the bank was done. During investigations it was found that the accused had made proper entries after doing the transactions. They had  even issued themselves ATM cards thus withdrawing money from the said account.

The issue had raised concerns over the security and proper check mechanism in the government run state cooperative banks fuelling fears in the mind of the general public over the safety of their money in this bank. It is an open secret that the recruitment in the state cooperative banks is purely done on the recommendations by the politicians who openly interfere in the working of this bank.

Incidentally, the present Managing Director of the HP State Cooperative Bank happens to be a son of a top BJP leader..!!


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