25% of state budget expenditure being doled out to govt babus

Shimla: Government babus are costing Himachal Pradesh a whooping 4450 crore annually! While addressing inaugural ceremony of two-day long 5th National State Government Employees Federation here today Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister said the salary bill of the state was Rs. 4450 crore.

He criticized the Finance Commission for under valuing  the committed liabilities of the government by about Rs. 1800 crore. He said that the salary bill of its employees had been under valued by Finance Commission which valued salary bill at Rs. 3600 crore whereas it was Rs. 4450 crore, pension bill valued at Rs. 1400 crore which actually was Rs. 1850 crore, interest on loan valued at Rs. 1800 crore against actual amount of Rs. 1850 crore thereby undervaluing the committed liabilities of the state.

Total expenditure estimate in Himachal budget for 2010-11 is Rs. 15,078.92 crore, approximately 25% of which is being doled out to government employees.

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