32 more cases of diarrhoea in Shimla

Shimla: More than a week after diarrhoea spread in the town, health department sources are finding it difficult to control the situation. 32 cases of diarrhoea were reported from Shimla today.

Dr. Vinod Pathak, Director, Health Services said here five were admitted at IGMC, Shimla and one at DDU, Shimla and remaining treated as outpatients

The health teams continued their visit today also and , distributed ORS packets and chlorine tablets in the affected area.

Earlier, the water samples collected from different water sources were found positive for V Cholera (serotype Ogawa) and E Coli.

No responsibility has been fixed by the government till date where as on the other hand there seems to be no end of people’s misery as daily reports of people getting treated in hospitals keep coming.

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