5 Himachal policemen sustain burn injury as protesters turn violent

Shimla: Situation in Rohru turned violent while controlling the Youth Congress activist as 5 Himachal Himachal Police jawans sustained burn injuries on Tuesday when they tried to prevent from burning an effigy of the chief minister.

Superintendent of Police R.M. Sharma was quoted by the news agencied saying, ‘Five police personnel got burn injuries when they prevented the activists of the Youth Congress from burning the effigy of Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal at Rohru. He said the activists were staging a protest against poor health services in the town.

As the protesters tried to burn the effigy, police snatched it. In the meantime, one of the protesters ignited the effigy, Sharma said.

One of the policemen, who was seriously injured, has been referred to IGMC, Shimla.

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