Bar Council highly critical about law school at HPU

Shimla: Bar Council of India (BCI) has published full minutes to its three last meetings, which primarily deal with the de-recognition of more than 50 law schools but also timetable issues such as whether foreign lawyers should be allowed to practice foreign law in India.

Though special status was accorded to Himachal Pradesh University, the BCI was highly critical about the law school being run by the Himachal Pradesh University. “We are deeply disappointed at the way in which the Himachal Pradesh University has looked after its law faculty,” stated the minutes.

“Ordinarily, we would not have granted affiliation to the said law school, but, considering the fact that this is a faculty of law of the Himachal Pradesh University from which eminent lawyers and judges have passed out, there is a public duty cast on the state government of Himachal Pradesh as well as the Himachal Pradesh University to remedy the situation.”

Of law schools that were inspected or had replied to the BCI’s requests for information, 37 law colleges’ applications for accreditation for the 2010-11 academic year were outright rejected. Those colleges were told to stop taking further admissions in the 2010-11 academic year and many were served with show cause notices why they should not be closed.

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