Bumper apple crop crashes prices, apples sell cheaper than bananas

Bangalore: The bumper apple crop in Himachal is taking it’s toll on the prices as for the first time in the last five years, bananas are turning out to be costlier than apples in Bangalore. While a kilogram of apples sells for Rs 45, you would have to pay not less than Rs 50 for a kg of bananas, especially the yelakki variety as per a report in Bangalore Mirror.

banana-appleV S Manuraj, an IT professional and JP Nagar resident, said, “There has been an extraordinary rise in the price of bananas in the past two months. Earlier, bananas were available for Rs 30 to Rs 35 per kg, but in August the price went up to Rs 60 per kg. As a result, I stopped buying bananas. Right now, the price has come down to Rs 50 per kg. Apples are now more affordable.”

Initially, traders attributed the rise in banana prices to the rise in demand during the Ganesha, Onam and Ramzan festivities. But the prices remain firm even after the festivities, and traders attribute it to short supply. They insist that the price has started coming down and will reduce further in the coming days.

Ayaz Pasha, a trader, said, “Last year, during this time, the retail price of apples from Himachal Pradesh was at least Rs 70 per kg. But this year, you can get the fruit for Rs 45 per kg. The price will go down further to Rs 30 per kg. The season of low prices will last till January 2011.”

Syed Mathin Aga, president, Bangalore Fruits Commission Agent, said, “The fall in prices is mainly due to a good crop this year. At this time, we do not import apples.”

Retailers are rubbing their hands in glee as apples fly off the shelves.

Pasha said, “Right now, it is the end of the season in Himachal Pradesh. So, we will be sourcing apples from J&K where the produce is high.

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  1. Kamal Sharma   September 29, 2010 at 5:50 am

    Apple growers should go bananas over this news.


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