Where is the damn snow!

Its been a hard week at Shimla. It rained continuously for 4 days and the temprature has been freezing but still no snow. Manali, Dalhousie has been getting good snowfall. Even Kufri and Charabra near Shimla received a decent snowfall. Shimla has been not so lucky though! Today is the fifth day when we did […]

Driving into the paradise

With roads all blocked from Kufri onwards and no chance of reaching Kotgarh, today made a small detour to Kasauli with family. This year we have not been beyond Shimla, thanks to the new addition in the family, the 11 month old toddler. Actually mothers get hyper with babies.¬†It was with great cajoling that Anu […]

First Snowflakes in Shimla

Monday morning came up with a pleasant surprise! It snowed here for an hour and a half. I was getting ready to leave for Kotgarh in the morning and found it had started snowing outside. Kaveri, my 11 months old toddler was sqealing with delight seeing those white flakes. Here are a few pics clicked […]

Graduated to a blog

Finally a blog of my own. After years of rambling on Yahoo groups and Usenet discussion boards, a blog was a natural step to move on. Firstly a few words about myself I was fascinated to internet in the year 1999 when it all started. I was working at Ahmedabad in a cellphone company called […]

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