Neo liberal offensive and challenges for development in Himachal

मैं इन पथरान दे ढेरन दा की करूँगा, मेनू एय लोढ़ नहीं चाहिदा “What will I do with these loads of stones, I don’t require them” These are the words of Pratap Singh Kairon former chief minister of unified Punjab with reference to Kangra, Kullu and such other places, while the state of HP was […]

Cherry prices crash due to bumper crop in Himachal

Shimla: A bumper sweet cherry crop this year has gone sour for farmers in Himachal Pradesh. The high yield has pushed prices so low that growers are getting 25 to 35 percent less than what they received last year according to an IANS report. Horticulture department officials say the total cherry production is set to […]

Private banks score poorly in Himachal

Private banks score poorly in Himachal

Recent economic meltdown have sprung a strange phenomenon in Himachal Pradesh. It is the public sector banks which score in terms of services in the state. Private banks in Himachal have to learn a lot from their sarkari counterparts. Initially the private banks scored over with their technological supremacy but PSU banks have caught up […]

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