Khali keen to establish wrestling stadium in Himachal

Nahan: US based Indian WWE Wrestler the Great Khali alias Daleep Singh Rana today said a wrestling stadium would soon be established in Himachal. Khali was interacting with mediapersons at Paonta Sahib this morning on way to his native village in Shilai sub-division. He said he would prefer that the stadium was established in his […]

More high mast lights to be installed in Shimla

Shimla: Director Tourism, Himachal Pradesh, Dr. Arun Sharma today requested the Commissioner, Shimla Municipal Corporation, AN Sharma to improve the condition of the city roads under it’s jurisdiction and to make adequate drinking water arrangements in the city before the summer tourist season commences in the city. The Director Tourism also requested the MC Shimla […]

सर्दियों ओर लोहड़ी कि कुछ बातें

सर्दियाँ आख़िर आ ही गयीं। इस समय रात का एक बजा है और कडाके की ठण्ड पड़ रही है।  इस ठण्ड में आख़िर नींद कहाँ आने वाली है। सोचा क्यों न कुछ लिखा जाए। सर्दियाँ आते ही मुझे अपने गाँव कोटगढ़ की याद आती  है। बचपन में स्कूल की छुट्टियां सर्दियों में ही होती थी। […]

Visiting Rampur – a changed town

I love to drone our pahari traditional dress, kurta-sutan and saluka, (kurta-a long shirt, sutan-pyjama, saluka-sleevless jacket) for either local/family functions at Kotgarh and while visiting Rampur Bushehar for shopping trips. Rampur Bushehar has one of the best markets in Shimla hills with almost everything under the sun available at very reasonable prices. A trip […]

Trip back home to Kotgarh

This Saturday traveled back home to Kotgarh as plucking season had started. This year the rains have been pretty good and the apple season started 10 days earlier. Found lush green scenery around. Here a few pics I clicked. Road leading to my house. Reached upon sunset Kavyu, the daughter running around in the lawns […]

Penelope Chetwode and her travels in Kullu Himachal Pradesh

Penelope Chetwode and her travels in Kullu Himachal Pradesh

Penelope Chetwode was the wife of the famous Poet Laureat John Betjeman and was obsessed with India, especially the Kullu Valley area in Himachal Pradesh. In the late 1900’s she made many visits to the area & became a well known figure who was deeply admired by the locals, due to her love of the […]

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