CID to investigate Himachal University fake certificate scam

Shimla: Educational levels reached it’s lowest ebb in Himachal Pradesh when authorities at the Himachal Pradesh University handed over the fake certificate scam to the state CID for conducting a thorough probe in case. a spokesman of the University said.

The University also constituted a three-member committee to look into the aspects of printing, preparation and delivery of certificates, degrees and mark-sheets by its examination branch, he said.

The step has been taken in the wake of complaints submitted by the examination wing of the University when it recently received fake certificates.

He said that in one such case, the mark sheet presented by a third-year student of the University to its examination branch for obtaining a certificate was found to be fake as it did not have the University’s secret code.The committee will submit its report within fifteen days, the spokesman said.

Education standards over the years have lowered in the state over the years as the HP University was earlier saw the PMT entrance scam few years ago.

Recently, a similar fake-certificate scam was also reported at the Himachal Pradesh Board of School Examination, Dharamshala.

On one hand the government is opening private universities every seconds day there seems to be no control over the standards in the state and ultimately it will be the students from the state who will suffer as no one will regard educational certificates from the state with the speed these fake certificate scams are coming into limelight.

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