Closure of AIPIL factory anti farmer: Fruit grower’s confederation

aipil factory gumma

Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh Fruit And Vegetable Growers Confederation today came down heavily on the BJP government for the closure and selling of AIPIL carton factory at Pragati Nagar in Shimla District.

In a signed statement, General Secretary of the Confederation, Sanjay Chauhan said the successive state governments have miserably failed to run this factory properly. He said the growers always preferred the cartons produced by this factory than the private manufacturers because of it’s best quality.

Chauhan said due to this factory, growers were assured of a proper supply of cartons on demand and there was no shortage of cartons in the previous years. But after the closure and the decision of the present BJP Govt. to dispose it off,there was open loot by private manufacturers who were hand in glove with the BJP leaders. He said the present govt. remained silent spectator under pressure as seen and evident this year. The growers have to suffer big losses due to this open loot, he added.

Chauhan said the present govt. has come with the proposal to dispose it off and was making multifarious announcements to establish processing plant, cold store and now the govt. is saying that it will open an engineering college on the same land.  This clearly indicates that the present BJP is anti farmers and has failed to protect the interests of the farmers of the state.

He said 10 years back the BJP govt. with same Chief Minister and  Horticulture Minister in ruling had signed a MOU on 11th April, 2000 with Maharashtra based Indage group to put wineries with total processing capacity of 18000 tonnes at Pragati Nagar and Nagwain and valuable land worth many crores was given free of cost to this group along with excise exemption till 10 years.

He said at that time big dreams were sold to the growers with even bigger publicity. But the Indage group did not put any winery and grabbed this precious land out of which 28 bighas of land was of AIPIL carton factory. The Indage Group enjoyed excise exemption worth crores of rupees without any producing unit putting huge loss to state exchequer, which needs to be enquired into and those responsible for the loss to the public income must be booked and punished accordingly.

It was very depressing that the govt. is using and disposing this precious land sacrificed by the small and marginal farmers of the area at very low price to put this significant corrugated carton factory of utmost use to the fruit growers just for nothing to industrial houses with the motive to grab the valuable resources like land in the state. If the state govt. Is interested to open engineering college in the area then there is plenty of govt. land vacant in the surrounding where it can be opened, Chauhan said.

This factory was established to provide quality cardboard cartons to fruit growers of the state, which was used as best alternative for conventional wooden boxes used for packaging. The main aim and objective behind the establishment of this carton factory was to discourage the dependence of growers on forest for packing material and protect the environment and preserve the forest for future. The growers after establishment of this carton factory immediately switched over to cartons and there was great demand of the cartons being produced in AIPIL carton factory.

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2 Responses to "Closure of AIPIL factory anti farmer: Fruit grower’s confederation"

  1. NITYIN   October 24, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    This topic was discussed in an earlier post. Please read the comments in of this post here

    Mr. Kenny Chauhan, the BJP leader from Kotkhai had then raised objection about an earlier proposal of opening of ITI their which the government has now confirmed by opening up of an engineering college at this place. I had reported earlier that govt was considering opening up an ITI at this place.

    Attitude of both BJP and Congress on this issue is indeed deplorable. Both the parties in principle agree for the closure of this unit. No doubt the unit has become unviable to run but then who has been responsible for the mess? And why the government is leaving the growers in the lurch. We all saw what happened this year when this factory did not produce a single carton.

    Earlier the private supplier used to price their cartons lower than the carton manufactured by Gumma factory. Loot is the right word which happened this year. Is no one in the administration responsible to keep a check??

    Equally dismissive has been the role of opposition Congress party for which the apple belt has been it’s traditional vote bank.

    The Congress it seems is silently supporting the BJP when neither the PCC chief nor the CLP leader has done anything concrete to take up the issue of problems of growers.

    The only party who could take up this issue on streets, the CPI(M) and the Himachal Kisan Sabha has lost the zeal of it’s erstwhile fire brand leaders. Rakesh Singha who led the agitation back in the 90s has been out of the active state politics for long and also age seems to have catched up with him. For the younger lot of his partymen, HP University politics seems to be the dead end of the road.

    Sanjay Chauhan, who also hails from Kotkhai has not been able to show the firebrandness of Singha. Moreover his constituency is Shimla where over the years the demographs of population has changed. Moreover, his defeat in the last election was mainly due to the fact that people from Jubbal Kotkhai chose to vote in their parent constituency to Narender Bragta.

    It could not have been any better for the present BJP government to ruin the apple growers this time. The Congress leaders, thanks to their age factor are hardly in shape to take to the streets and the Communists have no cadre and leader left back in the apple belt.

  2. Kanwar RD Singh   November 12, 2010 at 4:29 am

    When Chauhan himself is saying iIn a signed statement, General Secretary of the Confederation,” the successive state governments have miserably failed to run this factory properly.”
    Its the best decision to sell it off. Hats off to Govt who …found out a buyer to purchase futile company…


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