Congress clean sweeps in Himachal election results; Dhumal concedes defeat

Shimla: The Congress today swept the Himachal Vidhan Sabha elections by winning 36 seats while BJP won 26 seats and others won 6 seats. Results for Bhattiyat was delayed which were announced later in the evening.

Speaking to the media Chief Minister PK Dhumal conceded defeat and said that his party will now analyse what went wrong for them in the keenly fought elections.

“We will have to find out where we were found to be lacking. We were confident because in the last five years there was development. Every household in the state had benefited from our schemes. If an ample number of our candidates could not win, we will analyse and assess the reasons,” Dhumal said.

“The voters form the kind of government that they want, and best wishes to the new government,” Dhumal said.

Meanwhile celebrations had started at Virbhadra Singh’s house Holy Lodge with Congress supporters coming in large numbers.

HLP leader Maheshwar Singh won from Kullu where as Congress rebel Kirnesh Jung won from Paonta Sahib. BJP rebels – Rajinder Rana won from Sujanpur and Pawan Kajal won from Kangra. Balbir Verma (Bittu Verma) won as an independent candidate from Chopal.

The consolidated result so far is:

Party Seats
Bharatiya Janata Party 26
Indian National Congress 36
Others 6

Following is the constituency wise result for Himachal Vidhan Sabha Elections:


SURESH BHARDWAJ Bharatiya Janata Party 11563
HARISH Indian National Congress 10935
TIKENDER SINGH PANWAR Communist Party of India (Marxist) 8025
TARSEM BHARTI Independent 1499
DR. RADHA RAMAN SHASTRI Nationalist Congress Party 243
SURINDER KUMAR Himachal Swabhiman Party 138
SITA RAM DHIMAN Bahujan Samaj Party 83


ANIRUDH SINGH Indian National Congress 16929
PREM SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 7043
VIJAY JAYOTI Independent 6466
KULDIP SINGH TANWAR Communist Party of India (Marxist) 4823
KHUSHI RAM BALANATAH Himachal Lokhit Party 513
DINESHWAR DUTT Independent 231
DHARAM PAL SHARMA Bahujan Samaj Party 109


Shimla Rural:

VIRBHADRA SINGH Indian National Congress 28892
ISHWAR ROHAL Bharatiya Janata Party 8892
PREM CHAND THAKUR Independent 1171
GAURAV SHARMA Himachal Lokhit Party 745
KUSHAL RAJ Himachal Swabhiman Party 491
RAVI KUMAR Bahujan Samaj Party 232



VIDYA STOKES Indian National Congress 21478
RAKESH VERMA Bharatiya Janata Party 17202
RAKESH SINGHA Communist Party of India (Marxist) 10379
PRAMOD KUMAR SHARMA All India Trinamool Congress 4480
RAM LAL SHARMA Independent 988
ROSHAN LAL Independent 497
VINAY KUMAR Bahujan Samaj Party 362


Jubbal Kotkhai:

ROHIT THAKUR Indian National Congress 29219
NARINDER BRAGTA Bharatiya Janata Party 20124
RAM LAL KESTA Bahujan Samaj Party 683
LOKINDER CHAUHAN Independent 632



NAND LAL Indian National Congress 27925
PREM SINGH DRAIK Bharatiya Janata Party 18454
NIJU RAM Himachal Lokhit Party 2383
CHET RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 688



MOHAN LAL BRAKTA Indian National Congress 34465
BALAK RAM NEGI. Bharatiya Janata Party 6050
RATTAN DASS Himachal Lokhit Party 1809
PRAKASH ANDTA Bahujan Samaj Party 925
BALWAN SINGH Lok Jan Shakti Party 807
BADRI PRASAD Independent 681



BALBIR SINGH VERMA Independent 22056
DR SUBHASH CHAND MANGLATE Indian National Congress 21409
SEEMA Bharatiya Janata Party 4747
HARI CHAND Bahujan Samaj Party 740
RAJENDER SINGH All India Trinamool Congress 465
RAMLA DEVI Lok Jan Shakti Party 304


JAGAT SINGH NEGI Indian National Congress 20722
TEJWANT SINGH NEGI Bharatiya Janata Party 14434
CHET RAM NEGI Himachal Lokhit Party 2240
KAILASH CHAND Bahujan Samaj Party 499
SUNDER DEV NEGI Nationalist Congress Party 418


Lahul & Spiti:

RAVI THAKUR Indian National Congress 10187
DR RAM LAL MARKANDA Bharatiya Janata Party 6491
BALDEV SINGH All India Trinamool Congress 77
SHAMSHER SINGH Independent 57
VIJAY Bahujan Samaj Party 54
GURDASS Lok Jan Shakti Party 19



VIRENDER KANWAR Bharatiya Janata Party 26028
RAM DASS Indian National Congress 24336
SANDEEP SHARMA Himachal Swabhiman Party 699
SUNITA DEVI Himachal Lokhit Party 518
RAMESH CHAND Bahujan Samaj Party 477
MAHINDER PAL All India Trinamool Congress 440
BRAHAM DASS Samajwadi Party 233



RIKHI RAM KONDAL Bharatiya Janata Party 22941
DR.BEERU RAM KISHORE Indian National Congress 21742
KASHMIR SINGH JAMWAL Himachal Lokhit Party 791
ANUP CHAND BHATIA Bahujan Samaj Party 590


Shri Naina Devi:

SH. RANDHIR SHARMA Bharatiya Janata Party 24598
RAM LAL THAKUR Indian National Congress 23213
KRISHAN KUMAR Communist Party of India 1117
SH. HOSHIAR SINGH Independent 805
SH. PURAN CHAND BHATIA Independent 508
BHOLA RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 340



RAJESH DHARMANI Indian National Congress 22672
RAJINDER GARG Bharatiya Janata Party 19464
RAKESH KUMAR CHOPRA Independent 6664
KASHMIR SINGH Independent 1603
KARAM DEV DHARMANI Himachal Lokhit Party 983
NAND LAL All India Trinamool Congress 433
JITENDER Bahujan Samaj Party 408



BUMBER THAKUR Indian National Congress 24347
SURESH CHANDEL Bharatiya Janata Party 19206
JITENDER CHANDEL Independent 3607
K.D. LAKHANPAL Independent 2095
NAND LAL Bahujan Samaj Party 782
DAULAT RAM SHARMA Himachal Lokhit Party 534
KUSHAL SHARMA Shivsena 207



DHANI RAM SHANDIL Indian National Congress 24250
KUMARI SHEELA Bharatiya Janata Party 19778
OM PARKASH KANT Himachal Lokhit Party 2044
HIRA NAND KASHYAP Independent 1257
RAJESH KUMAR (THALLU BHAI) All India Trinamool Congress 563
PREM SINGH Himachal Swabhiman Party 236
RAJESH KUMAR SAUTHA Bahujan Samaj Party 227
MOHAN LAL CHAUHAN Independent 177



RAJIV SAIZAL Bharatiya Janata Party 19960
VINOD SULTANPURI Indian National Congress 19936
KARAM DASS Communist Party of India (Marxist) 837
RAM SWAROOP All India Trinamool Congress 791
SHAKUN CHAUHAN Samajwadi Party 408
RAJA RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 354
JANKI RAM CHAUHAN Nationalist Congress Party 102



KRISHAN LAL THAKUR Bharatiya Janata Party 35341
LAKHVINDER SINGH RANA Indian National Congress 26033
ANANT RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 610
GURNAM SINGH Samajwadi Party 597
GURBAX SINGH CHAUHAN Lok Jan Shakti Party 380



GOVIND RAM SHARMA Bharatiya Janata Party 17211
SANJAY Indian National Congress 15136
AMAR CHAND PAL Independent 10477
BHAGAT SINGH BAHLWAL Nationalist Congress Party 7515
RAM KRISHAN Communist Party of India (Marxist) 2981
AHSA PARIHAR Independent 1754
GURDAS RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 575
VIJAY SINGH Independent 456
PAWAN KUMAR Independent 430
BRIJ LAL Himachal Swabhiman Party 413
RAJ KUMARI Independent 242



SURESH KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 25488
GANGU RAM MUSAFIR Indian National Congress 22863
RANGI RAM All India Trinamool Congress 668
RAM RATTAN Nationalist Congress Party 412
DESH RAJ Himachal Lokhit Party 384
SHANTI DEVI Bahujan Samaj Party 298


VINAY KUMAR Indian National Congress 21332
HIRDAYA RAM Bharatiya Janata Party 20677
SATPAL Communist Party of India (Marxist) 1531
RAJESH KUMAR Bahujan Samaj Party 784



BALDEV SINGH TOMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 23455
HARSHWARDHAN CHAUHAN Indian National Congress 21537
HARI RAM Communist Party of India (Marxist) 1346
KEDAR SINGH JINDAN Nationalist Congress Party 810
NATHU RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 396



RAM KUMAR Indian National Congress 15520
DARSHAN SINGH Independent 11690
PARAMJEET SINGH Independent 10429
VINOD KUMARI Bharatiya Janata Party 8584
AMAR SINGH THAKUR Independent 354
DALJEET SINGH Himachal Lokhit Party 335
ROOP SINGH Bahujan Samaj Party 238



RAJEEV BINDAL Bharatiya Janata Party 25459
KUSH PARMAR Indian National Congress 12635
SADA NAND CHAUHAN Lok Jan Shakti Party 8273
SHYAMA SHARMA Himachal Lokhit Party 5240
KUTUB DEEN Bahujan Samaj Party 990
VIJAY KUMAR Samajwadi Party 792


Paonta Sahib:

KIRNESH JUNG Independent 23713
SUKH RAM Bharatiya Janata Party 22923
ONKAR SINGH Indian National Congress 6152
SARVAR ALI Independent 678
BUDH RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 378



KAUL SINGH Indian National Congress 28325
JAWAHAR LAL Bharatiya Janata Party 26093
KAPIL DEV Himachal Lokhit Party 1121
GIRDHARI LAL Independent 719
CHUNI LAL Bahujan Samaj Party 556
PARMA NAND Bharatiya Bahujan Party 174



GULAB SINGH THAKUR Bharatiya Janata Party 30092
THAKUR SURENDER PAL Indian National Congress 24176
AJAY DHARWAL Independent 2343
KUSHAL BHARDWAJ Communist Party of India (Marxist) 2056
JAGDISH BISHT Nationalist Congress Party 637
SURENDER SINGH THAKUR Lok Jan Shakti Party 592
HET SINGH Bahujan Samaj Party 468
RAKESH PALSRA All India Trinamool Congress 416



ANIL KUMAR Indian National Congress 20866
DURGA DUTT Bharatiya Janata Party 16936
SHYAM LAL Independent 3370
HARISH KUMAR Himachal Lokhit Party 2098
KRISHAN SINGH Lok Jan Shakti Party 2081
DESH RAJ Communist Party of India 1468
CHANDER MANI Bahujan Samaj Party 667
HEM SINGH Independent 443
CHET RAM Independent 274
KAMAL KISHORE All India Trinamool Congress 207



PRAKASH CHAUDHARY Indian National Congress 20043
INDER SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 16927
MAHANT RAM Independent 9023
PARAS RAM Communist Party of India (Marxist) 600
NETAR SINGH Himachal Lokhit Party 518
PARSHOTAM RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 488
PADAM SINGH Himachal Swabhiman Party 343
SHAKUNTALA DEVI All India Trinamool Congress 339



MAHENDER SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 24029
CHANDER SHEKHAR Indian National Congress 22988
ABHIMANYU Himachal Lokhit Party 565
HARI DASS PRAJAPATI Bahujan Samaj Party 226
SURENDER KUMAR All India Trinamool Congress 221
SAJU RAM Hindusthan Nirman Dal 50



INDER SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 26722
RANGILA RAM RAO Indian National Congress 24518
KISHOR KUMAR Independent 1155
MOTI RAM Independent 440
KASHMIR SINGH Bahujan Samaj Party 358
AJAY KUMAR All India Trinamool Congress 352
KAMAR SINGH Himachal Lokhit Party 229
JAGDISH CHAND Independent 159
SHIV RAM SHARMA Samajwadi Party 48



SOHAN LAL Indian National Congress 24258
ROOP SINGH Independent 15268
RAKESH KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 12076
LEKH RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 486
CHET RAM Independent 435



VINOD KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 22924
TEK CHAND DOGRA Indian National Congress 19893
DAMODAR SINGH Independent 10861
KHEM RAJ Himachal Lokhit Party 749
ROSHAN LAL THAKURAL Bahujan Samaj Party 527
BIMLA DEVI Independent 463



JAI RAM THAKUR Bharatiya Janata Party 30837
TARA THAKUR Indian National Congress 25085
JAGDISH KUMAR Communist Party of India (Marxist) 1094
SUNDER LAL Bahujan Samaj Party 756



MANSA RAM Indian National Congress 18978
HIRA LAL Bharatiya Janata Party 14646
MAST RAM Independent 11000
CHAMAN LAL CHAUHAN Independent 1208
CHET RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 753



PREM KUMAR DHUMAL Bharatiya Janata Party 25567
NARINDER THAKUR Indian National Congress 16265
ANIL MANKOTIA Communist Party of India (Marxist) 1368
AVNEESH SHARMA Himachal Swabhiman Party 458
VIPAT RAJ Bahujan Samaj Party 274
ASHISH KUMAR Independent 172
NAVEEN SINGH Samajwadi Party 93



RAJINDER SINGH RANA Independent 24674
ANITA VERMA Indian National Congress 10508
URMIL THAKUR Bharatiya Janata Party 8853
PARVEEN KUMAR Bahujan Samaj Party 258
RAJ KUMAR Lok Jan Shakti Party 160
PARVEEN KUMAR Independent 157



INDER DUTT LAKHANPAL Indian National Congress 26041
BALDEV SHARMA Bharatiya Janata Party 23383
SATISH KUMAR Himachal Lokhit Party 538
BATTAN SINGH Independent 414
OM PRAKASH JASWAL Bahujan Samaj Party 322
PARKASH CHAND All India Trinamool Congress 208
PIAR SINGH BHOGAL Independent 134



VIJAY AGNIHOTRI Bharatiya Janata Party 31305
SUKHVINDER SINGH SUKHU Indian National Congress 24555
BABU RAM MANDIAL Himachal Lokhit Party 1090



ISHWAR DASS DHIMAN Bharatiya Janata Party 27323
RAMESH CHAND Indian National Congress 16908
PAWAN KUMAR Himachal Lokhit Party 891
DHANI RAM SHUKLA Independent 430
LAL SINGH MASTANA Bahujan Samaj Party 363



KULDIP KUMAR Indian National Congress 23720
BALBIR SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 23282
RAM LOK Himachal Lokhit Party 662
BHAGWAN DASS JASSAL Bahujan Samaj Party 543
HARMESH CHAND Shivsena 452
BALWANT SINGH All India Trinamool Congress 290



RAKESH KALIA Indian National Congress 23581
SUSHIL KUMAR KALIA Bharatiya Janata Party 18684
RAMAN KUMAR JASWAL Independent 5245
GURBUX RAI THAKUR Bahujan Samaj Party 997
NARINDER SINGH PARMAR Himachal Lokhit Party 789
LAKSHMI JARIYAL Independent 752
KRISHAN GOPAL Himachal Swabhiman Party 323
RAM KRISHAN SANDHU Independent 248
SHIV KUMAR All India Trinamool Congress 216
VIJAY KUMAR Shivsena 103



SAT PAL SINGH SATTI Bharatiya Janata Party 26835
SATPAL SINGH RAIZADA Indian National Congress 22089
O.P.RATTAN All India Trinamool Congress 2177
GURNAM SINGH Communist Party of India (Marxist) 1377
KAMAL DUTT Bahujan Samaj Party 1313
RAJ KUMAR Independent 257



MUKESH AGNIHOTRI Indian National Congress 28875
PROF. RAM KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 23703
MUKESH CHOUDHARI Bahujan Samaj Party 1052
SANJIV FANDA All India Trinamool Congress 902
DR. LEKH RAJ KHANNA Lok Jan Shakti Party 198



KARAN SINGH Indian National Congress 29622
KHIMI RAM Bharatiya Janata Party 20330
NARAYAN SINGH Communist Party of India (Marxist) 474
PARAS RAM Independent 412
TEJA SINGH Lok Jan Shakti Party 226



KHUB RAM Indian National Congress 21664
KISHORI LAL Bharatiya Janata Party 20002
NAND LAL Lok Hit Party 8340
ISHWAR DASS Independent 5172
JAI SINGH Bahujan Samaj Party 745



GOVIND SINGH THAKUR Bharatiya Janata Party 17645
BHUVNESHWAR GAUR Indian National Congress 14447
DHARAM VIR DHAMI Independent 14346
BIR CHAND Himachal Lokhit Party 1840
JEET RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 407
BUDH RAM Indian Justice Party 300



MAHESHWAR SINGH Himachal Lokhit Party 18582
RAM SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 15597
SUNDER SINGH THAKUR Indian National Congress 14830
PREM LATA THAKUR Independent 7256
LOT RAM THAKUR Shivsena 458
SARITA Bahujan Samaj Party 392



MANOHAR DHIMAN Independent 21424
KAMAL KISHOR Indian National Congress 14055
REETA DEVI Bharatiya Janata Party 11624
MALENDER RAJAN Independent 3944
PIARA SINGH Bahujan Samaj Party 1181
TILAK RAJ Nationalist Congress Party 734
SUKHBINDER KUMAR Bharatiya Bahujan Party 469



UJAN SINGH PATHANIA Indian National Congress 18662
BALDEV THAKUR Bharatiya Janata Party 11445
SUDHA SUSHANT Independent 9335
PANKAJ SHARMA (HAPPY) Independent 4992
OM PARKASH Bahujan Samaj Party 4984
DR. ASHOK KUMAR SOMAL Independent 804



RAVINDER SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 24463
YOG RAJ Independent 9170
RAJINDER SINGH RANA Indian National Congress 7639
HARI OM Bahujan Samaj Party 1603
RAJESH KUMAR Independent 689
ONKAR CHAND THAKUR Independent 387
VIJAY KUMAR Independent 361
SATISH KUMAR Independent 360
RAJ KUMAR All India Trinamool Congress 326
ASHWANI KUMAR Independent 288
DURGESH Himachal Lokhit Party 234
SULEKHA DEVI Samajwadi Party 175
MOHAN LAL Himachal Swabhiman Party 165
SUSHMA DEVI Nationalist Congress Party 124


Jaswan Paragpur:

BIKRAM SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 22000
NIKHIL RAJOUR Indian National Congress 15907
NAVEEN DHIMAN Lok Hit Party 6982
DINESH KUMAR Himachal Swabhiman Party 818
RAJINDER KUMAR All India Trinamool Congress 391
OM PRAKASH Independent 381
RAJINDER SINGH Bahujan Samaj Party 307
BHAG SINGH RANA Samajwadi Party 123



YADVINDER GOMA Indian National Congress 22233
ATMA RAM Bharatiya Janata Party 12498
RAVINDER “RAVI DHIMAN” Independent 8006
JAGO RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 810
GIRDHARI SINGH “DHARI” Independent 609
BACHAN SINGH Himachal Lokhit Party 456
DINESH KUMAR Independent 255
JITENDER KUMAR Samajwadi Party 252
VIJAY KUMAR Lok Jan Shakti Party 150



JAGJIWAN PAUL Indian National Congress 32105
VIPIN SINGH PARMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 27677
ASHOK KUMAR KATOCH Communist Party of India (Marxist) 828
DEEPAK NAG Himachal Lokhit Party 677
BRIJ LAL All India Trinamool Congress 465
SANJAY KUMAR Bahujan Samaj Party 339
MANOJ KUMAR Lok Jan Shakti Party 316
KISHAN CHAND Samajwadi Party 100



G.S. BALI Indian National Congress 23626
ARUN KUMAR Independent 20883
CHAUDHARY MANGAL SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 8793
CHARAN DASS CHOUDHARY Communist Party of India 684
MULKH RAJ SHARMA Himachal Swabhiman Party 445
COL. SHAKTI CHAND All India Trinamool Congress 343
SATISH KUMAR Lok Jan Shakti Party 271
PINKI DEVI Bahujan Samaj Party 212



SARVEEN Bharatiya Janata Party 25487
VIJAI SINGH Indian National Congress 22364
NAND LAL Independent 1814
BALBIR SINGH Himachal Lokhit Party 1750
BANARSI DASS DOGRA Bahujan Samaj Party 567
KUSHAL KUMAR Samajwadi Party 324
VIPAN KUMAR Lok Jan Shakti Party 311



BRIJ BEHARI LAL BUTAIL Indian National Congress 23341
PARVEEN KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 14312
DULO RAM Himachal Lokhit Party 6115
RAJEEV JAMWAL All India Trinamool Congress 981
NARINDER JAMWAL Independent 491
ASHOK KUMAR Bahujan Samaj Party 446
DHANI RAM Independent 339
RAMA MAHENDRA Himachal Swabhiman Party 338
SUNIL KUMAR Lok Jan Shakti Party 234



KISHORI LAL Indian National Congress 21878
MULKH RAJ Bharatiya Janata Party 15226
UDHO RAM Himachal Lokhit Party 7049
TILAK RAJ Independent 1862
OM PRAKASH Himachal Swabhiman Party 676
SHASHI PAL Bahujan Samaj Party 359
ASHOK KUMAR Lok Jan Shakti Party 295
VIJAY KUMAR Nationalist Congress Party 274



AJAY MAHAJAN Indian National Congress 26546
RAKESH PATHANIA Independent 23179
RANBIR SINGH NIKKA Bharatiya Janata Party 6868
SALI RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 346
N.S PATHANIA (COL. RETD.) Himachal Swabhiman Party 338



SANJAY RATTAN Indian National Congress 24929
RAMESH CHAND Bharatiya Janata Party 20904
DR MADHU GUPTA All India Trinamool Congress 410
PARKASH CHAND Bahujan Samaj Party 332
MOHINDER SINGH Independent 255



NEERAJ BHARTI Indian National Congress 23798
ARJAN SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 19364
SANJAY KUMAR GULERIA Independent 10924
SUSHIL SHARMA Independent 1221
RAVINDER SINGH Himachal Lokhit Party 693
RAVI KUMAR Bahujan Samaj Party 493
AMAN KUMAR Nationalist Congress Party 315
PARBHAT SINGH Independent 280
KULDEEP SINGH JARYAL Himachal Swabhiman Party 169



PAWAN KAJAL Independent 14632
CHOUDHARY SURENDER KUMAR Indian National Congress 14069
SANJAY CHAUDHARY Bharatiya Janata Party 11700
DR. RAJESH SHARMA Independent 7966
AMAN GULERIA Communist Party of India 636
RAM SWAROOP VERMA Himachal Swabhiman Party 521
VIJAY KUMAR BHARI Bahujan Samaj Party 517
RAM NIWASH YADAV Samajwadi Party 416



SUDHIR SHARMA Indian National Congress 21241
KISHAN KAPOOR Bharatiya Janata Party 16241
KAMLA PATIYAL Independent 3580
AMAR DASS (NIKKU PUROHIT) Independent 2269
SUDERSHAN ANGARIA Bahujan Samaj Party 458
JAGDISH CHAND Communist Party of India (Marxist) 402
CHINTA HAR All India Trinamool Congress 334
GULSHAN KUMAR Nationalist Congress Party 271
SURAKSHA DEVI Lok Jan Shakti Party 263
ATUL BHARDWAJ Independent 187
NARESH PAL SINGH Independent 143
BAL RAJ SHARMA Samajwadi Party 89



THAKUR SINGH BHARMOURI Indian National Congress 24751
JIA LAL Bharatiya Janata Party 21284
MAHINDER SINGH Independent 893
KISHORI LAL Bahujan Samaj Party 817
MADAN LAL BARYAL Nationalist Congress Party 454



HANS RAJ Bharatiya Janata Party 24978
SURINDER BHARDWAJ Indian National Congress 22767
KISHAN CHAND Bahujan Samaj Party 799



BIKRAM SINGH JARYAL Bharatiya Janata Party 18098
KULDEEP SINGH PATHANIA Indian National Congress 17987
SUDESH KUMARI Communist Party of India (Marxist) 960
KALU RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 482


ASHA KUMARI Indian National Congress 25541
RENU Bharatiya Janata Party 18176
TILAK RAJ Communist Party of India 1310
SHALENDER THAKUR Independent 828
PARAS RAM Bahujan Samaj Party 268



B. K. CHAUHAN Bharatiya Janata Party 19714
PAWAN NAYYAR Indian National Congress 17780
RAJ SINGH Independent 10813
RATTAN CHAND Communist Party of India 1310
NOORDEEN NOORANI Bahujan Samaj Party 482
ANITA THAKUR Independent 388
C.L.THAKUR Independent 354
RUMESH KUMAR Samajwadi Party 181


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