Convention on Himalyan Ecology on Dec 27

The Himalaya Niti Abhiyaan is organizing a two day National Peoples Convention on Livelihoods and Sustainable Himalayan Ecology on December 27 and 28, 2009 at Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. The convention intends to bring activists, researchers, ecologists and representatives of peoples-movements-in-struggle for livelihood rights and sustainable development on a common democratic platform.

Guman Singh, convenor for the Himlayan Niti Abhiyaan said the convention will be participatory and interactive and will highlight the imperative for a national mountain specific approach to development in the Himalayas.  Key issues of focus will include the Forest Rights Act and environmental violations in the context of cement, hydro-power, SEZ, mining and infrastructure building projects all of which question the fundamentals of land acquisition and relief and rehabilitation policies.

The convention will call attention to the dire environmental impact of current development on the fragile Western Himalayas ecology. Further strategies and linkages will also be discussed. The convention will focus on facilitating valuable inputs for the framing of just, equitable and sustainable alternatives.

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