Convicts released early from jail in Kachru ragging case

Shimla: Four medical students convicted of torturing and ragging Aman Kachru at Tanda Medical College in Himachal Pradesh  resulting in Aman’s death inaman-kachru 2009 have been released from jail by the Himachal Pradesh Government on August 15.

Abhinav Verma, Mukul Sharma, Navin Verma and Ajay Verma, the four convicted in Aman Kachru case were released ahead of the completion of the 4 year sentence from Dharamshala jail.

DGP, ID Bhandari said the accused have been released as per jail manual. He said they were released for good conduct in the jail and they did not avail of any parole,

As per reports, the four were among 111 convicted whose sentence was waived off by the state government.

Slamming the action of Himachal Pradesh govt. Rajinder Kachru, father of Aman said, “Here, we have the government of Himachal Pradesh conveying a completely different message. On one hand, they have appealed to the honorable Himachal Pradesh High Court to enhance the sentence and on the other hand reduced the sentence themselves.”

Interestingly the Himachal Pradesh Govt had appealed in the High Court against the lower court’s verdict of 4 years sentence.The appeal in the High Court has not made any progress in the past 18 months. Judge after judge recused themselves from hearing the case. On the last count 6 High Court judges had recused from hearing the case.

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2 Responses to "Convicts released early from jail in Kachru ragging case"

  1. Himachali   August 25, 2012 at 12:47 am

    This is indeed a mockery of justice. On second thought, justice was never delivered in this case. A young boy was brutally murdered in the college campus and the murderers were given what 4 years!! Now when do a murder amounts to four year punishment?

    Here was a hapless boy from outside the state who got killed and the muderers hailed from influential families.

    What people of Himachal have to understand what if a Himachali boy had met the same fate in a college outside the state and the killers were let off with a light punishment and that too there punishment was waived off. Would they have remained silent then also?

    For the political class of Himachal Pradesh my question is what if the victim would have happened one from your family. Still you would have let the killers go scot free.

    Please do not make a travesty of the justice system. My heart felt appologies to the Kachru family!

  2. Human4humanity   September 20, 2012 at 10:30 pm

    Inhuman that’s what it must be called..isn’t it a murder case..the person lost his life, parents lost their son, is this worth of a person in our country..its surely injustice..such system is hopeless..


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