CPI-M blames govt for apathy towards schools in Himachal; demands action against culprits in Una incident

Shimla: The state unit of CPI-(M) today demanded immediate arrest and strict action against culprits in the incident of collapsing of boundary wall of the Government primary school in Chhatarpur Dhada in Una district yesterday.

In a press statement, Rakesh Singha, secretary, state committee of CPI-(M) said the incident has exposed that construction of schools under the Government is not being carried out in a proper manner. He said in the name of construction of school infrastucture crores of rupees were being spent from Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan but the amount is not being utilized properly.

He said there is no mechanism within the education department to check the quality of construction as the work is carried out by favored contractors who are least bothered about quality of work and material being used.

Singha blamed that education policy of the present BJP Government of the state is totally in shamble. Majority of the schools in the state do not have proper basic infrastructure like building and other facilities. The condition of the most of the school building are in bad and may collapse any time putting danger to the lives of students studying in it. And there are many schools who do not have even their own buildings and running under open sky.

Singha alleged the government is ignoring the education sector and no proper budget is being allocated for it.

‘The state government is reducing budget for education sector and encouraging privatization and commercialization of education. This policy of the government is distancing a common student from their right of education’, he added.

Rakesh Singha said the CPI (M) demands that the state government must give much thrust to education sector and allocate sufficient budget to build proper infrastructure like classrooms, play grounds, toilets, kitchens etc. in each and every school. Regular teachers should be appointed in proportionate to the student for smooth studies in the government schools. The policy of closure of government schools should be stopped immediately. Further more, immediately stringent action should be taken against guilty responsible for this tragic incident and minimum five lakh rupees should be given as compensation to every family who has lost their beloved ones.

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