CPI(M) demands censure of Himachal University VC

tikender panwarShimla: CPI(M) today demanded immediate censuring of the Vice Chancellor of Himachal University by the Election Commission for turning out the foundation day of the University into a political function of the BJP.

Speaking to reporters, Tikender Panwar, CPI(M) leader said the stage was used to boast the achievements of the BJP government and to seek support for them.

Slogans like – Narender Modi would be the next Prime Minister of India,¬† Shiv Raj Chauhan would continue to be the chief minister in MP were raised. One of the chief patron of the function even repeated the ‘Mission Repeat’ ¬†slogan of the BJP in the official function of the HPU”, he added.

Asking the election commission to intervene he said the commission must immediately take into possession the audio visual record before it gets destroyed into custody and thoroughly scan it.

Tikender said the apprehensions of CPI(M) stands vindicated where the party had asked the election commission to appoint an observer for the function as they were sure the function would turn out into a BJP party function and would be used for political campaign for the ensuing assembly elections.

Slamming the statement of the Vice Chancellor stating both the teachers and the students must be disarmed politically, Tikender said it is the Vice Chancellor who is carrying out the political agenda of BJP both in an open and hidden manner in the campus.

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