CPI(M) demands early opening of Jan Aushadhi shops

Shimla: The CPI(M) today demanded opening of Jan Aushadhi medical shops in the state at the earliest and demanded an explanation from the government for delay in opening of such shops in hospitals across Himachal Pradesh.

A party spokesman said though the interviews for the pharmacists for these stores were held in August 2010, not even a single appointment has been done so far. The party alleged that several agencies and individuals including some of the top BJP leaders and ministers were in the race to bag these stores.

The Jan Aushadhi campaign selling generic medicines at low prices was supposed to benefit the common people. The generic medicines would redefine the unit cost of treatment per person. For example, branded Diclofenac tablets are available at the average market price of Rs 36.70 for a pack of 10 tablets but the Jan Aushadhi would sell it at Rs 3.10.

The BJP government is strongly wedded to the neo liberal that prohibits the state from spending on social welfare schemes and measures, the CPI(M) added. The party in power has opened the floodgates for privatisation of health services under the garb of Public private partnership which in fact is a step towards privatising the state health services, the party charged.

The CPI(M) has demanded immediate opening of these Jan Aushadhi stores so that the patients can get some reprieve from the incessantly rising treatment costs.

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