CPI(M) demands stopping of matches at Dharamshala till dues are cleared

Shimla: CPI(M) today demanded stopping of all cricket matches at HPCA stadium in Dharamshala till all dues related to security for previous matches are realized .

Dharamshala cricket stadiumAddressing news person in Shimla today, Member Secretariat of CPI(M) and Dy. Mayor of Shimla, Tikender Singh Panwar welcomed the state government’s decision to levy fee on the security being provided at Dharamshala stadium while holding the matches. He said the CPI(M) demands that till the securiy fee is not recovered no matches should be allowed at the HPCA stadium particularly the IPL matches which were money minting matches for the HPCA.

Tikender said an amount of ₹ 2 crore is due from HPCA from the previous matches.

He further stated that it was shameful that previous government bypassing all laws of the land allotted such prime common land from common village pool to the cricket speculators.

“The Congress government should also acquire the land allotted by the erstwhile BJP government to the HPCA for the construction of the 5 star hotel in Dharamshala,” he said.

Citing a Supreme Court judgement of May 2011 for a writ petition filed by Khatri Ram of Sirmour district he said the Hon Court has very categorically stated that the transfer of village community land for private and commercial use as illegal and directed the states to take immediate steps to evict encroachers.

Tikender said in the Dharamshala stadium case the HPCA happens to be the encroacher on the common land of the people and should be immediate evicted.

He further stated that while Congress govt was quick to take action on Baba Ramdev, it was shying away from taking action against HPCA.  He said the Congress has to answer the uncomfortable questions of nexus between Congress and BJP leaders in HPCA and awarding of doctorate to senior Congress leader and BCCI high ranking official Rajiv Shukla in the BJP government tenure against all norms.

Tikender demanded the Congress govt. should work in the interests of the people of the state and must act in the light of the Supreme Court judgement and should set precedence in the country.

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