CPIM objects to foundation day ceremony at HPU

Shimla: CPI(M) has objected to the guest list of 43rd foundation day celebration of Himachal Pradesh University to be held at Shimla.

himachal universityTikender Panwar, member State Secretariat of the CPI-M, today urged the state election commission to keep note of the proceedings of the function and appoint an observer for the event.

He said barring a few high court judges rest of the guest list includes name of RSS people. The foundation day is being used to spread the political campaign of the BJP, he alleged.

Tikender also alleged that office of the Vice Chancellor was pressurizing private universities in the state to fund the event. He demanded a special audit of the foundation day. He said the Vice Chancellor was offering honorary degrees to non deserving people and cited the name of Rajiv Shukla. He alleged that there was a close connection between the IPL and Himachal University in conferring these degrees bypassing all norms and regulations.

Tikender also objected to chairing of a session by the wife of the Vice Chancellor and asked for her credentials. He said being a wife of the Vice Chancellor is not sufficient to chair a session.

He said the CPI-M would campaign to expose the BJP of saffronising and playing spoilsport with academics in Himachal Pradesh University campus.

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