CPI(M) protests against rampant corruption in Shimla

Shimla: CPI(M) today held a demonstration outside the DC office in Shimla against rampant corruption prevalent in the state.

Addressing the gathering, Tikender Panwar, member state secretariat, said both the Congress and BJP were wedded to neo liberalism and have been victims of large scale corruption in the country. He further stated that, ‘Corruption in the 2 G scam , corruption in the commonwealth (CWG) projects, lands scams corruption in Mumbai- Adarsh Housing society scam, corruption in land lease to private universities in the state and the loot thereof are some of the major corruption scams that have come up in the recent past.

Taking the state BJP to task he said a scandal similar to the CWG proportion has taken place in the sale of Gumma carton factory where machinery worth 30 crores was sold for just 1 crore, that too to a junk dealer. He said, the Drug Controller who was arrested and facing prosecution was reinstated at the behest of the health minister. Rampant corruption is taking place in health and education sectors. Private universities have been opened at unprecedented haste with heavy kickbacks to the party in power followed by a section of the bureaucrats. Fake mark sheet and degrees at the school board and the university at Shimla also proved a strong nexus between the officials and the leadership of the incumbent government.

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