Dainik Jagran’s parking signboard covered; parking continues on public road

Taking note of the Dainik Jagran’s blatant disregard of rule of the road, someone from the Police or the Municipal Corporation has taken stock of the situation. The signboard declaring ‘Parking for Dainik Jagran‘ has been covered with white paper. Though the signboard needs to be removed all together. In the first rain or snow, the white paper will be washed off and things will be back to square one.

It is a nice start but Shimla traffic police needs to look into how the cars supposedly of Dainik Jagran staffers are being parked on the main road next to the traffic police post without any authorisation?

Here is the latest pictures:


Dainik Jagran Signboard now covered which mentioned parking on a public road

 Dainik Jagran Shimla

 Dainik Jagran Shimla  signboard

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