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Himachal flowersA garden is incomplete without hedges and borders. Design your garden with a tasteful range of varieties as per the requirement, especially if it is to be used for creating micro-regions, boundary, for privacy, as a windbreak or to separate informal area from formal area.

A well chosen, compact and nicely trimmed hedge gives neat and tidy look to the garden. The best time for propagation is February-March or during the monsoon season. Dig a trench 30 cm x 30 cm and expose the soil to sun for 2-3 weeks. Add well decomposed farmyard manure to enrich the dug-up soil. A dose of anti-termite is compulsory in the effected area. Firmly settle and level the soil as undulating ground will result in unequal growth levels.

A space of 4-6 cm must be left for watering. Hedges can be planted in single/double row depending on how compact the growth is required. Distance from one plant to another could be 8-12 inches and one row to another 6-8 inches. All the hedges must be trimmed regularly, especially during the early growth period to encourage compact growth. Hedges are also made from shrubs and trees.

While designing the garden, Climbers are used to cover or camouflage a place and sometimes serve to highlight the contours of the building. They require the same care as required by the other plants. Climbers have a natural tendency to grow straight causing the main shoot to get exposed. When it is trained straight its falling branches cover the main shoot but when trained in horizontal position the main stem gets invisible.

Identify plants and places for pots as they form an important component of the garden. A separate location for developing pots in an enclosed area to maintain the supply chain of seasonal flowers in the garden is essential.

Last but not the least is the cost factor. The garden can bear a slash in the budget but will not compromise on any cut in terms of time and labour.

One other important factor to keep in mind while designing your garden is that the gardeners should take caution and take up light warming-up exercises prior to getting involved in the various tasks of gardening to avoid backache, pulling of muscles and ligament-related problems.

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