Dhumal terms union budget anti common man and discriminating to Himachal

Shimla: Chief Minister Prof. Dhumal termed the Union Budget presented in the Parliament today as anti-poor, anti common man and anti farmers. He said this clearly indicated the attitude of the Union Government towards common man of which it always tried to be benefactor.

Dhumal said the proposed hike in petrol and diesel will affect the common man at large as this would lead to increase in transportation cost affecting every spheres of life. He said it will increase prices of essential and other commodities. Already the common man is facing great hardships because of the price rise. Further increase in petrol and diesel would put them in more difficult situation, he added.

He further said the Himachal Pradesh has been again discrimintaed by not extending the industrial package. He said that this would stop industrial growth in Himachal Pradesh as the package was attracting a large number of industries to the State. He said he could not understand why discrimination was being done with Himachal Pradesh when it has been given to North-eastern States and Jammu and Kashmir where the geographical and topographical conditions were almost same.

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