Election result for Shimla Municipal Corporation

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Following is the final list ward wise of election result for Shimla Municipal Corporation 2012.

Mayor – Sanjay Chauhan, CPI(M) wins by 7,868 votes

Deputy Mayor – Tikender Panwar, CPI(M)

1 .Kala Sharma (BJP) wins from Bharari
2 .Saroj Thakur (BJP) wins from Ruldubhatta
3 . Kanta Suyal CPI (M) wins from Kaithu
4 .Lakshmi Kashyap (BJP) wins from Annadale
5 .Nirmala Chauhan (BJP) wins from Totu
6 .Usha Lakhanpal (Cong) wins from Boileauganj-
7 .Uma Kaushal (Cong) wins from Tutikandi
8 .Shashi Shekhar (Cong) wins from Nabha
9 .BJP candidate wins from Fagli
10 .Rajni (BJP) wins from Krishnanagar
11 .Sushma Kathiala (Cong) wins from Ram Bazar
12 .Bharti Sood (BJP) wins from Lower bazar
13 .BJP candidate wins from Jakhu
14 .BJP candidate wins from Benmore
15. Sushant Keprate (Cong) wins from Engine Ghar
16 .Satya Thakur (BJP) wins from Sanjauli
17 .BJP candidate wins from Dhalli
18 .Narender Thakur CPI (M) wins from Chamyana
19 .Kuldeep Thakur (Cong) wins from Malyana
20 .Kusum Thakur (BJP)wins from Kasumpti
21. Surinder Chauhan (Cong) wins from Chhota Shimla
22. Deepak Rohal (Cong) wins from Patyog
23.Parveen Kumar (Cong) wins from Khalini
24. Alok Pathania (Cong) wins from Kalnog
25. Congress candidate wins

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