Fourteen hydro projects cancelled in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh government has cancelled the allotment of nine hydropower companies, including those of Jindal Power  in the past one year, Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal said. Fourteen hydropower projects above 5 MW allotted to nine companies, including Jindal Power Ltd, DCM Shriram Hydro Energy Ltd, Patel Engineering Ltd, Moser Baer Projects Pvt Ltd and ABG Shipyard Ltd, have been cancelled in the last one year, Dhumal said in a written reply in the state assembly.

Altogether, 18 hydropower projects of over 5 MW capacity were allotted through global bidding to Indian companies in the past one year, he told the assembly. The projects were cancelled for the failure of the companies to deposit the upfront premium with the government on time.

Jindal Power Ltd was allotted three projects, DCM Shriram Hydro, Moser Baer and ABG Shipyard two projects each, and Patel Engineering one project.

The two Moser Baer projects, Reoli and Sach Khas, were the biggest — of 420 MW and 149 MW capacity, respectively.

The government has decided to invite bids for four projects at Rashil, Tandi, Lara Sumta and Patam.

Under the state’s amended power policy, the bidder who offers more free power to the state in addition to the fixed quota is allotted projects.

The fixed quota is 12 percent free power for the first 12 years, 18 percent for up to 30 years, and 30 percent for up to 40 years. After 40 years, the project will be handed over to the government.

The free power bidding is in addition to the fixed upfront premium of Rs.20 lakh per megawatt.

The total power generation potential in the state is estimated to be 20,416 MW or about 25 percent of India’s total hydropower potential. Of this, around 6,500 MW has been developed.

Eleven projects with a combined generation capacity of 1,124 MW are under execution by the state electricity board, whereas 15 projects with a capacity of 1,738 MW are being implemented by private companies.

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