Govt seals vaccines following infant deaths in Himachal

Shimla: Responding to the news about death of infants in Kullu and Hamirpur due to vaccination, Dr. Vinod Pathak, Director, Health and Family Welfare today said the the consignment of vaccines of DPT with Batch Number 14037B09, OPV Batch Number PV1002265 and Hepatitis vaccines of Batch No. 51AD 10010 has been sealed. He said the samples of the these vaccines had been sent to Central Research Institute (CRI), Kasauli for examination.

He said that the Health department will wait for the report from CRI and these vaccines will not be used in the state.

Ruling out vaccines being the reason for deaths he said a team of doctors was being sent to all the districts which would also inspect how these vaccines are stored and managed.

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