Govt using terror to intimidate people against power companies: CPI(M)

Shimla: The CPI-M has condemned the state government for using terror to dissuade people from fighting for their genuine rights against a number of private companies in Himachal Pradesh.

In a statement issued here, CPI-M state secretariat member Tikender Singh Panwar said even women are not being spared while registering frivolous criminal cases against the people.

Despite the fact that there is strong opposition from the 19 villages under ‘Hallan First’, Soel and Karjan panchayats will be affected by the construction of 1.5 MW hydro project in Kullu district, the Continental Infra Tech Private Limited under the patronage from state government decided to undermine the people’s verdict, Panwar alleged.

The company in connivance with the state government has criminally intimidated the people and has got false cases registered against them, he said.

This project is situated five km from Naggar in Kullu district. Once the water gets diverted, drinking water schemes and the four irrigation schemes on the Haripur nullah would become redundant. 

One of the four irrigation schemes is an Indo-Norway joint project.

The CPI-M stated the BJP government is speaking dual language. It speaks about increasing the irrigation facility and providing drinking water facility to the farmers on one hand and subsequently snatching this basic century-old right of the people.

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