Rape of public money- Himachal CM doles out extension to retired employees

by Dev Ashish Bhattacharya

In Himachal Pradesh, if the King wishes, no employee would retire. The King has adopted the method of pick and choose to benefit the few chosen ones at the cost of the career prospects of other employees and unemployed.

Look at the way the benefits are provided at the cost of public exchequer. 4 senior officers of HPTDC (Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation) retired and their names are Shri Devinder Sen, K.K.Sharma, Ajay Thakur and Arun Sood. Devinder Sen got the extension in service and other three got the re-employments.

The reasons put by three of them are common ones, i.e., their pensions are meager, they have unsettled children, they were the star performers during their service time and they had served the VIPs with great enthusiasm.

File notings obtained through RTI reveals that all the officers blindly wrote the approval notes and not even a line was written by any of the so called brilliant IAS officers which could give the CM some caution of the illegality they have committed.

If we take the cue from these file notings and the further approvals, then, how the same govt. can deny the extension or the re employment to any retired employee on the similar grounds. Pandora’s box will open.

Did the HPTDC not have competent officers who could manage Himachal Bhawan Chandigarh as well as Devindrer Sen is doing or Himachal Bhawan Delhi as well as Ajay Thakur is doing or Marketing office Delhi as well as K.K.Sharma is doing. I am told that K.K.Sharma is managing Himachal Sadan also.

Now the question is that since when these gentle men are in Delhi or Chandigarh. In fact, they have spent better part of their services in these places and none of these so called Very Efficient Officers are posted in any of the loss making units . If they are so Brilliant and Efficient that they were needed to be re employed in the interest of HPTDC, then , in my opinion, they should have been given the task of reviving all the loss making units. But, intention was different. By raping the public money these persons were given the re employments at the cost of the promotion of few others and further blocked the posts for new appointments.

At the moment, these officers are given one year bonanza, but, the King may dole out further freebies.

Now, very soon, so many retired employees are going to apply for the re employments to the CM on similar grounds. It would be interesting to see the reaction of the King then.

By the way, all of these not so well to do officers are in fact bestowed with all the happiness, wealth and esteem by the God, but, greed has no limits. Incidentally, Sh. Devinder Sen, belongs to the royal family of the princely state of Junga and a close blood relation of Smt. Pratibha Singh, the M.P. and wife of the C.M. of Himachal Pradesh (King).

It reminds me that some descendants of Tipu Sultan and Mughals are selling tea on the roads and they do not get any such favors, just because, their relatives are neither the present day CMs or MPs.

Dynasty of chamchagiri speaks loudly. Therefore, so many MPs, MLAs and influential persons are in the list of payment defaulters of HPTDC and these efficient and brilliant officers would bask in the sun shine of VIPs whom they please.

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Dev Ashish Bhattacharya is a noted RTI activist from Himachal Pradesh and has led the ‘RTI revolution’ in North India. He is neither a journalist nor a part of any NGO or social organization, but just an informed citizen who wants to make a lasting difference to the life of the common man. He can be c0ntacted on his Facebook profile.

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