Himachal Govt. does a lip service for tourism sector in the budget 2009-10

The budgetary proposals for the tourism sector have been disappointing and a mere lip service in this year budget. No major policy decision has been taken nor any relief given to the tourism service providers in the state in the wake of recession in the country. This is how the Chief Minister’s budget speech outlined tourism sector:

  • Tourism infrastructure projects of more the 350 crore posed to Asian Development Bank for funding on 90% grant basis
  • New Tourism sites to be developed for eco-tourism
  • Home stay scheme to be given emphasis around popular tourist destinations
  • Institute of Hotel Management at Hamirpur and Food Craft Institute started at Dharmashala

Overall no relief any where for the tourism players. The govt. seemed to be considering only the 6th Pay commission recommendations and majority of the speech is devoted to garner resources to meet the salary bills of the ‘public servants’.

Full speech of the CM is available here.

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