Himachal govt talks tough to striking doctors

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh Government is no mood to buckle down against the mass absence of RKS doctors and said the absence of the doctors is uncalled for.

A spokesman of the government said in view of proceeding on unauthorised leave by few doctors in the state, the government has decided to proceed against them for making their previous service ineligible forHimachal doctor strike counting towards PG eligibility and in the length of service for regularization.

He said that a show cause notice would be served upon all such doctors who have gone on unauthorized leave. He said that the government had offered appointment to the willing doctors in Rogi Kalyan Samitis after issuing advertisements in various news papers in which their terms and conditions were clearly specified. The place of posting were selected by the doctors as per their merit list. Thus all RKS doctors have joined the service as per the term and condition which never provided for any regularisation.

The spokesman said that the State Government has recently enhanced their emoluments, and also provided for annual increase in emoluments. The State Government has continuously been fulfilling the commitments made to them.

He said the government has made RKS and other doctors eligible for PG seats and the share of PG seats available to doctors including contract and RKS doctors has been increased from 66% to 70% which will further increase to 95%. The number of PG seats has increased from 38 to 75 and will further increase to 100. All these will result in more seats available for RKS and contract doctor which is much above to what was available to them at the time of their appointment.

He said that location based incentives have been extended to government contract doctors, RKS and they shall be eligible for regularisation after 6 years, the period of service for eligibility to PG has been reduced by one year in most of the areas and instructions have been issued to ensure timely payment of salaries to RKS doctors.

The present stalemate has occurred as the Himachal Pradesh government has decided to recruit 150 doctors on regular basis through the state public service commission where as previously hundreds of doctors were recruited on contract basis under the Rogi Kalyan Samitis. (RKS) Another point which is causing heart burn for the contract doctors is that there are a very few seats for the contract doctors for PG courses. Moreover while for the regular doctors, their service is counted for the period of PG studies but for the contractual doctors there is no such policy and their services are deemed terminated.

In the past the state government has been hiring doctors on contract basis as their salary expenses are borne by the Central government. In order to control the ‘expenditure’ the government has recruited doctors on contract basis but this has severely affected the health services across the state and more over the morale of the doctors have gone down as they still face an uncertain future after years of studies and hard work.

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  1. Sunny   September 18, 2010 at 4:07 am

    abey himachal pradesh hai yeh – boss go to US or Europe and earn 20,000$ per month salary . agar wahaan jaane ke liye dimaag —-EDIT—– nahi hai to yahaan HP Govt to maaregi hi


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