Himachal govt to prepare manure out of rotten apples procured under MIS


Shimla: Failing to provide timely transportation, the Himachal Pradesh government is considering using the rotten apples procured under market intervention scheme (MIS) for manufacture of manure.

Director Horticulture Gurdev Singh said the Horticulture department is in touch with YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry for technical cooperation to make manure out of the decayed apples.

Kashmir Chand , Managing Director HPMC said the trial for manufacturing manure from rotten apples was expected to start from this season. This has been planned with a view that rotten fruit could be utilised to recover at least a part of the cost incurred on procurement, Chand added.

The HPMC MD said apples purchased by the state government under MIS got spoiled due to rains and long travelling period of the fruit from hinterland to the collection centers. The hill state has witnessed record production of apples this year, which is expected to be about 3.2 crore boxes.

An all time high procurement of over 60,000 tonne apples is expected under the MIS scheme this current year.

Senior scientist of the YS Parmar university GP Upadhyaya, who specializes in organic farming, said that the apple manure will be of much superior in quality because of high percentage of nitrogen found in the fruit. Further the high sugar content would facilitate microbial activity ensuring speed conversion to manure, he added.

Vermin compost would be prepared by mixing apple, cow dung and biomass (grass clippings for farm waste) in equal proportions, he said. The conversion would be 60 per cent which means that the produce of one kg of apple would help manufacture about 600 grams of manure, Upadhyaya added.

The scientist said he had submitted report about feasibility of preparing manure out of decayed apples to the state government and manufacture was expected to start in 2-3 weeks at four places in the state having large collection centers of apples under MIS.

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  1. Rivesh   September 27, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    “sab gud-gobar kar diya”Orchardists have already realized this during current mess and insensitivity. Nothing worse can be expected than this from current BJP regime.


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