Himachal invites bids for 18 more hydro projects

Shimla: Himachal cabinet in a meeting on Monday decided to invite bids for 18 more hydropower projects in the state.

A government spokesman said the government will invite bid for 18 hydropower projects of more than 5 MW capacity having total installed capacity of 1,357.5 MW.

The projects which have been finalised for bidding are Suil (13 MW), Kilhi-Bahl (7.5 MW), Cho Tundah (9 MW), Danchho (12 MW), Tanger Chanju ( 9 MW), Dugarpower lines himachal ( 236 MW), Purthi (300 MW), Tingret ( 81 MW), Lara Sumta ( 104 MW), Rashil (102 MW), Tandi (104 MW), Patam ( 60 MW), Sumte Kothang ( 130 MW), Teiling ( 94 MW), Shangling ( 44 MW), Jobrie ( 12 MW), Nesang (10 MW) and Malana-III ( 30 MW)

The cabinet decided the self identified projects will also be advertised in which the identifier can also participate as an open bidder. Self identifiers offering their bid will have to match with the highest quote in case their respective bids are above 70 percent of the highest bidder for the project so as to avail the preferential right over the projects identified by them for execution.

The state government proposes to add more than 600 MW in the current fiscal with the commissioning of Allain Duhangan, Malana II, Budhil, Chamera III and other small projects.

Presently 13 hydropower projects in the state sector, six in central and joint sector and 19 in private sector with a total generation capacity of 5,809.1 MW are being executed in the state.

The government had cancelled allotment of 14 hydropower projects last year for failure of the companies to deposit the upfront premium with the government on time.

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