Himachal opposes move to dilute APMC Act

Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh government today criticised the move of Delhi government to dilute the provisions of Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) Act 1999 terming it as anti-farmer step on part of Congress led NCR regime.

Reacting to reports in a section of media, Horticulture Minister, Narinder Bragta expressed the concern by saying that any move to dilute or repeal the aforesaid Act would be anti-farmer and pre-judicious step of Delhi government, which should be condemned.

He said state BJP government had launched the fight against charging of market fee in Azadpur fruit market Delhi as it took the matter to Delhi High Court, which had ordered to stop charging of market fee from the farmers.

Delhi government did not show any respect to this order by not implementing in its true spirit, but is also held-bent on diluting APMC Act against the interest of farmers.

He said charging of 8 per cent commission on selling of produces of farmers is an abuse to the by-law of APMC Act, which would be challenged by state government on appropriate forum if Delhi government did not implement its provisions in favour of farmers.

He also appealed to the the northern states of Uttrakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Haryana to come forward with it to further build up the pressure on the Delhi government as the issue equally affects the interest of farmers of their states.

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