Himachal PSU losses now at 2,442 crore!

Shimla: Total losses of 22 Himachal government owned PSUs increased to Rs 662 crore in 2012-13 while cumulative losses have touched Rs 2,442 crore by March 2013.

While 11 PUCs in perpetual incurred losses to the tune of Rs 3,040.10 crore, the profits of other 11 PSUs stood at Rs 598 crore and the net losses came down top Rs 2,442 crore.

Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board tops the list of loss making PSUs with Cumulative losses of Rs 1940.24 crore, while losses of HRTC crossed Rs 764 crore, followed by Financial Corporation Rs 12.7 crore and HPMC Rs 63.29 crore.

Forest Corporation (Rs 44.94 crore), Milkfed (Rs 31.52 crore), Tourism Development Corporation (Rs 18.77 crore), Handicraft and handloom Corporation (Rs 17.70 crore) and Agro-Industries corporation (Rs 17.44 crore) were among the other loss making state-run entities.

The profit making PSUs included Housing and Urban Development Authority (Rs 126.73 crore), Civil Supplies Corporation(Rs 25.87 crore),Industrial Development Corporation (Rs 19.33 crore), Ex- servicemen Corporation (Rs 16.20 crore) and Backward Classes Corporation (Rs 6.65 crore).

The total number of employees in these undertaking is 41,547, which included 24,908 Employees of HPSEB, 8419 employees of HRTC, forest Corporation 2375, Tourism Development Corporation 1743, Civil Supplies corporation 943 and HIMUDA 654 – (PTI)

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