Himachal PSUs in a mess! 15 out of 25 in loss

Shimla: Chief Minister Mr Prem Kumar Dhumal on Thursday said 15 out of the 25 state-run corporations were running in losses and admitted that efforts to disinvest some of these PSUs have borne no fruit.

In a reply to a question from Thakur Kaul Singh of Congress in the assembly, Dhumal said,

As per the latest auditor’s report, 15 out of the total 25 boards/corporations in the state were running in losses, eight had marginal profits while rest two were started recently and their expenditure assessment was yet to be done.

The chief minister attributed sorry conditions of the state PSUs to their unprofessional ways of functioning over the years and over-staffing. According to the report, there is over 740 surplus staff in these PSUs, he added.

Mr Dhumal said the state government has planned to merge some of these PSUs to cut cost of their running and efforts were made to disinvest some of these PSUs but no one came forward to buy these loss making organisations.

He said Rs 2.74 crore by way of salary and pension of 102 employees of Agro Industries Corporation was pending and there was no additional fund available with the state government to clear the outstanding at the moment.

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