Himachal PWD siphons off two km of road tar work.

Shimla: In a shocking revelation, Himachal Pradesh PWD department has declared a patch of 2 km road as tarred while in fact no work has been carried out on this stretch.

Speaking to Himachal Live, Mr. AS Bhalaik, a senior citizen, belonging to Bahli village in Tehsil Kumarsain of Shimla district said that 6 months back a stretch of Thanedhar – Bhutti – Kotidhar road was tarred by  the PWD department. A stretch of two km was left by the department from 4  km stone to 6 km stone. He said the condition of the road had gone from bad to worst on this portion where as the the local PWD office was not able to offer a satisfactory reply.

Mr. Bhalaik then decided to obtain the information through the E-Samadhan grievance redressal portal and filed an application vide application number PWD/201462 dated February 3, 2014.

The reply filed by the Executive Engineer was quite shocking as it mentioned that the mettaling work has been completed by the department previous year. Mr. Bhalaik said the local people are a witness to the fact that no work was carried out in this stretch and PWD has simply marked the road work done on paper while no work was carried out in actual.

Officials of  PWD department has very conveniently siphoned off two km worth of road material, labour cost. This seems to be a regular practise of the PWD as roads  in rural area of the state remains always in bad condition.

Mr. Bhalaik said he would take up the matter with the local MLA Mrs. Vidya Stokes, Chief Minister, Governor and other higher officials of the PWD Departement.

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