Himachal seeks 1000 cr funds from ADB for urban development

Shimla: A team of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been in talks with the Himachal Urban Development Department and other agencies for funding urban infrastructure projects in the state.

A government spokesman said the ADB is actively considering a ‘technical assistance’ for an investment plan for Himachal Pradesh Urban Development and multi-tranche finance facility in the range of 150-200 million dollars. The financial assistance under this investment programme will be about Rs. 750-1000 crore for various urban infrastructure projects.

The visiting ADB mission has indicated that the consultants under the Technical Assistance could be fielded by November, 2010. The Technical Assistance would cover preparation of a state wide urban sector development roadmap for 2011-12 with detailed assessments of physical and non-physical investments. The ADB will provide financial assistance by giving preference to urban areas in selected district headquarters and Industrial Agglomerations under this project.

Under the first tranche of the financing, the ADB would assist for infrastructure projects for the Municipal Corporation. Various projects such as rehabilitation of the sewerage system in Shimla, rehabilitation of the municipal corporation roads, installation of lifts/escalators and other urban infrastructure projects would be considered for financing under the first phase.

In the second phase, the ADB would assist in formulation of Investment plans for other selected urban local bodies in Himachal Pradesh. For these selected towns, the ADB consultants would prepare city development plans. These city development plans would form the basis of financing by the ADB.

The ADB assistance is expected to provide the much needed thrust to bridge the urban infrastructure gaps in sectors such as sewerage, water supply, road infrastructure, urban mobility, transportation. The Urban Development department will act as a nodal agency to negotiate the financial arrangements with the ADB.

The Department expects the city development plans will be ready by 2011.

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