Himachal to launch electronic Braille Library for visually handicapped

Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Himachal Pradesh will launch two Braille Libraries later this month as a pilot project for the benefit of the visually handicapped in the state. The libraries will be initially set up in Shimla and Sunder Nagar as per information received from government sources.

The Braille Library system has been designed and supplied by Pune based companies at a cost of Rs. 6.27 lakh. This project will be a model project for the benefit of visually handicapped in the state and can be replicated in each district of Himachal Pradesh.

The objectives of the project is to set up reading libraries for the visually challenged students to provide them access to maximum reading material both for academic as well as other literary reading. The libraries use the technology of Microcomputer based Electronic Braille Readers with software for reading Indian Languages and English Braille.

Company sources said visually handicapped persons can get an unlimited number of books for Braille reading on the designed software, if these books are available in Braille as a computer file. The Braille software has a variety of navigation features for the reader to make Braille reading an enriching experience. The salient features of the Braille Library System is each reader can work independently without the need of a PC.

The project aims to contribute to increase the literacy rate of visually handicapped persons and make different books useful for secondary, higher and professional education easily available in Himachal Pradesh.

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