Himachal University violence – Govt refuses to intervene

Police beating students at HImachal University

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh University campus which experienced pitched battles between the students and the police during the previous week showed no signs of returning to normalcy as the state chief minitser Virbhadra Singh refused to meddlle in the university affairs.

HPU students have been agitating against the fee hike and restoration of direct SCA elections for the past few weeks. Situation took an ugly turn when the vice-chancellor Prof A N D Bajpai was reportdly man-handled on the campus after which the police swung into action and protesting students were forcibly removed from the campus.

Speaking to the media on Saturday, CM Virbhadra Singh that the students spent Rs. 200/ everyday on the Mall and have kept mobiles worth Rs. 15,000/ Surely they can afford to pay the hiked fees. He said that government would make every possible effort to maintain academic atmosphere cordial in the university, but nuisance would not be tolerated. The university is an autonomous body and the state government has no role in its decisions, he said.

On Saturday, hundreds of students held massive protest demonstrations for around two hours outside the office of Shimla deputy commissioner at CTO and demanded a rollback in fee hike and direct elections. They also opposed police action and cane charge on students on Friday. They also threatened to continue the protest demonstrations till their demands are met.

The student outfits of SFI and ABVP have joined hands to intensify the agitation. Protesting students were forcibly removed from the university camppus on Friday after Police action.

Condenming the action on students, the CPI(M) said the Congress govt. in the state has gone paranoid. The government is working in connivance with the HPU authorities to cow down the popular voice of the students who were protesting against the large scale increase in the fees of various undergraduate and post graduate courses.

The CPIM demanded that the government immediately remove the present Vice Chancellor who has a track record of controversies and corruption. He was terminated in Madhya Pradesh while serving as the VC in one of the universities due to his nefarious designs.

There is anger among the students of the university over the police action on students who were peacefully protesting in the campus. Some of the students have been critcial of the role played by Hindi daily newspaper who had sensationalised the whole issue by allegedly publishing fake news of the VC being attacked in the campus which the students said never happened. This prompted the police to take action over the students.

Here are the pics taken from social media of police action on university campus.

Police beating students at HImachal University

Police beating students at HImachal University

Police beating students at HImachal University

Police beating students at HImachal University

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2 Responses to "Himachal University violence – Govt refuses to intervene"

  1. Ajay Sharma   September 21, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    What ever moral grounds the student mafia may take but the entire drama has been orchastrated by them only. Have you seen the fees hike? It is surprising to note that in today’s day and age HPU is charging 250/ for under graduate courses. The fee has been hiked to 500/ If one wishes to go for quality education, one needs to pay. Most of these students are in designer clothes and do not seem like they cannot afford the revised fees.

    HPU has turned into an institution which has been thoroughly politicised. Main culprit are the student parties. Shimla police deserves full praise for taking the bull by the horn. All these people who are there grooming themselves for their political career should be removed from the University. Let real students study here.

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