Hindi dailies take a beating in Himachal, English demand on rise: IRS Q3 2010

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Results for quarter 3 (Q3) of Indian Readership Survey (IRS) are out and picture looks gloomy for overall readership in Himachal Pradesh. The situation is almost the same as was published in the previous analysis of the Himachal readership survey in November 2009.

Newspaper and magazine readership has seen a steep decline in Himachal Pradesh when compared to the universe of 55,25,000 individuals in Q3 of 2010 against 54,97,000 individuals in Q2 of 2010 in terms of Total Readership (TR) across the state.

Hindi: Getting out of  favour

Let’s talk about the Hindi dailies first. Its Total Readership (TR) has seen a decline of 18,000 readers across all Hindi newspapers. Amar Ujala bags the top position with a TR of 12,56,000 in this quarter as compared to a TR of 10,66,000 in Q2 of year 2010. Punjab Kesari is at the the second spot with a TR of 12,28,000 up from 11,16,000 in the previous quarter.

Readership himachal 2010

Other dailies namely, Dainik Bhaskar and Dainik Jagran have reported a TR of 2,89,000 and 3,35,000 respectively. Bhaskar has seen a loss of of 18,000 readers in its TR, where as Jagran’s readership has gone up by 58,000 in this quarter.

Divya Himachal, the Himachal Pradesh based newspaper has shown some spectacular results reporting an addition of of 86,000 readers in it’s TR numbers. Total readership of Divya Himachal stands at 6,16,000. It’s a very significant feat when competing with all national dailies.

Readership himachal 2010

On the magazine front, Hindi monthlies and fortnightly magazines have taken a severe beating compared to previous quarter. The fortnightly magazines showed a loss of 39,000 in TR while the monthlies loss stands at 26.000 in Q3. Major loss in the Hindi magazines has been taken by Cricket Samrat which has reported a decrease of 20,000 readers in TR in this quarter followed by another cricket magazine Diamond Cricket Today which has lost 12,000 readers in TR.

English: More takers for the Queen’s language

English dailies have shown a considerable increase in Q3 with an addition of 33,000 readers in TR. While Hindustan Times has added 11,000 readers to its TR in Q3, Times of India has suffered a loss of 10,000 readers in Q3 with a TR of 83,000 in Himachal Pradesh. Economic Times, however has seen an increase in its readership by 6,000 in Q3 with a TR of 10,000.

Readership himachal 2010

The race among English dailies, however, has been won by The Tribune published from Chandigarh, which has posted a record increase of 28,000 readers in its TR in Q3 taking its figure to 1,77,000 in the state.

English weeklies too increased their TR by 7,000 in this quarter where as English monthly magazines reported an overall loss of 26,000 in Q3. The most hit magazines were General Knowledge Today and Reader’s Digest, which have reported a loss of 14,000 readers each in terms of Total Readership.

Readership himachal 2010

The most disturbing aspect of this survey is that the youth is moving away from print medium be it the newspaper or magazines. As seen above, magazines which were popular with the youth like cricket magazines and competition magazines have seen a dip in readership.

With a total population of 55,25,000 in the state only 25,34,000 are reading newspapers. Not even half of the population is reading newspapers in Himachal Pradesh.

Not a good sign indeed!

Note: All figures in the chart are in’000. Figures of individual dailies if added will not match with the figure of TR of Any Hindi Dailies/Any English Dailies and so on. This is because there can be duplications of readers. For example, if Mr A is reading Punjab Kesari, Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala, the readership of these individual newspapers will be one each, however, TR here still will be one for Any Hindi Dailies and not three, as eventually there is only one individual who is reading these three newspapers.Also, we have taken the TR (Total Readership) figures here as against AIR (Average Issue Readership). While AIR has regular readers, TR includes casual readers too (+ regular readers). Advertisers often look for the total reach. So we have tried to take the TR figures. Also, at times as some minor publications have very low numbers and don’t get counted in AIR. They will manage to find space in TR sometimes.

(Inputs by Juiin, a media analyst from Delhi.)

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