HP Board now in news as students pass without appearing for exams

Dharamshala: Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education has joined the august company  of the Himachal Pradesh University and other private universities in the state when a scandal of students passing without appearing in exams was unearthed recently.

Addressing a news conference here yesterday, Board chairman Chaman Lal Gupta said eight Board officials of the clerical level would be issued show cause notice and if found involved would be handed over to the police. He said special permission was granted to 835 students as per the Board rules who deposited their forms along with the late fee.

Out of 835, eight students were detected who had been issued fake Board certificates without taking examinations.

Dr Gupta said when answer sheets come from 40 centres and around 120 officials receive them without any knowledge where from these bundles had come, in view of the secrecy of the examination. It would not be possible for the staff to detect threads of the scam at that point of time.

However, eight staff members would be issued show cause notice for their alleged negligence and lapse, he added.

Earlier Himachal Pradesh University was in news when the PMT scandal had broken where the paper was out in the market before the exam. It was only after the High Court intervened and a new test was organised and justice was delivered to the deserving candidates. Private universities have mushroomed in the state where degrees upto Phd level are being offered without any proper faculty.

Himachal education system is now at par with that of Bihar and anyone with money and connections, it seem can get done anything. A new breed of Munna bhais is getting prepared under the very nose of the government where it’s role is also under scanner.

Students, especially from other states need to be very cautious when getting admitted into educational intuitions in Himachal Pradesh as the state has become notorious for zero academics in the country. At the govt. run Tanda Medical College, earlier a student Aman Kachru had allegedly died because of ragging on campus. The Himachal University campus at Shimla was on boil till last month as police had to be deployed in campus because of frequent violent clashes between students and large amount of arms were reportedly recovered from the hostels.

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  1. Anonymous   September 19, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    What the heck is “Show cause notice” Just dismiss the guilty.. There are enough unemployed to fill in the positions.


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