Independence Day

I would stay away from the routine glitch of Happy Independence Day. Received lots of a mails today greeting me happy Independence day. Instead I would greet you with Cherish Independence day. Our Independence is something to be cherished. Looking around at our neighbours namely China and Paksitan, I thank my stars I was born in this country. Both these countries have made a mess of ‘individual freedom’. We Indians have become arrogant though with our independence and take things for granted. But I tend to ignore this as we are a young 61 years old country and with time and age maturity will come and we will cherish our freedom in the true sense.

Having grown up in Shimla, the summer capital of goras before 1947, it must have been truly humiliating not able to walk up on the Mall which I think is my birth right now. So what does this day means to us. Let’s think it over. I once visited Shilong and saw ‘Indians by mistake‘ written all over the walls.

Not by mistake, my dear countrymen but by ‘destiny’. People seeking independence from India, fail to understand what they are trying to walk into. Will Pakistan and China let them remain independent? They will suck them like they did to Tibet and Occupied Kashmir which has now a seizabale Punjabi population. Indian system with all its drawbacks have been able to preserve the unique cultural identity of each state

It’s going to be a busy day tomorrow, catching up with the Independence day parade on Doordarshan early morning. The tri-color being hosted in my balcony. A word to our Tibetian friends. Don’t loose hope. The mightiest too happens to bite the dust. This is the law of nature!

Cherish the Independence!

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