Is this the change people voted for in Shimla Municipal elections

Did you vote for ‘Change’ in the last Shimla Municipal Corporation elections? At least I did and voted for two new faces to be elected directly by We, the junta class. Though they did not promise the moon but did promise a change in the ‘system’ and how the city was run.

The present Mayor and Dy Mayor offered a ray of hope as people perceived them as men of action who could make positive changes in the way Shimla city was being run.


The city has gone down the gutter since the last elections. Literally, the whole city has turned into an open gutter.

Not more than 500 meters from the Town Hall which houses the office of Mayor and Dy. Mayor,  in and around the Auckland Tunnel entire sewerage of Lakkar Bazaar flows down in the open to the Cart road.

Don’t believe me, see the picture below.

Open sewerage in Lakkar Bazaar, Shimla
500 meter from Mayor’s office open sewerage falling down to Cart Road

It is hard to believe that the Auckland Tunnel which was built after spending crores of rupees did not had provision for a drain or a nullah. Entire sewerage of Lakkar Bazaar market from Police Post to Padam Dev complex ultimately lands on the cart road.

Open sewerage in Lakkar Bazaar Shimla
Entire sewerage flows down in the open to the cart road

When the Auckland Tunnel was re-built, underground pipes were placed on the Lakkar Bazaar road but the Municipal Corporation forgot to  build a proper nullah or place pipes so that the sewerage could flow down properly. We all know what action the MC takes when sewerage pipes of individual houses have leakages. So what stops the MC to take proper action here? See the pic below, sewerage pipes have been kept open.

Open sewerage in Lakkar Bazaar Shimla
Where are the sewer pipes Mr. Mayor?

The spot where the sewerage lands on the Cart road is a bus stop. It has become impossible to stand here especially in the morning time with small children going to school. Why can’t the public have clean streets and roads? Why do our children have to stand in the sewer every morning when YOU the city representatives, Lords and Masters refuse to do your job.

Open sewerage at Auckland Tunnel Lakkar Bazaar Shimla
This is the spot where children wait for bus in the morning while going to school. Feel *proud* Mr. Mayor and Dy. Mayor what the city has turned to?

 While MC representatives keep attending workshops in foreign countries on how to run a city, keeping city streets clean is not a rocket science. If the MC Shimla cannot ensure cleanliness in the heart of the town what moral ethical right it has to collect taxes?

Why do the elected officials, be of whichever party, turn a blind eye to the sufferings around them? After spending crores on building the Auckland tunnel why was there no provision for a drain? Whose responsibility is this and once the shortcoming was noticed why no corrective action was taken? Why are we forced to live in dirt around us?

I seek answers Mr. Mayor..

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2 Responses to "Is this the change people voted for in Shimla Municipal elections"

  1. SK Thakur   May 10, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    The performance of both the Mayor and Dy. Mayor has been disappointing. Shimla town is at it’s worst these days. The public had to face inconvenience in winters when snow was not removed within the city especially around the hospitals for days.
    If as city Mayor and Dy. Mayor no one listens to them they should resign and let someone competent run the show.

  2. Ravi Gupta   May 10, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    Shouting slogans is one thing and getting things done on the ground is all together different. CPIM leaders should do what they do best – rallys and protest marches. They cannot add a single bench to the city.. Shame..!!


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