IT goes for a toss in Himachal as govt websites show obselete information

no-excuses On one hand Himachal Chief Minister Prof Dhumal’s statements can be read now and then about how Himachal government is stressing on e-governance, but right under his nose departments of his government give a hoot to his instructions. It seems these department are doing everything possible to scuttle the very idea of e-governance and misleading the common public.

A case in point is the website of the Excise and Taxation department Himachal Pradesh which it seems has not been updated from ages and is displaying wrong information causing harassment to the general public.

The department’s website still shows the tax rate of 4% under Quick Links > Commodities and Tax Rates where as the same has been revised to 5% since last budget.

Please click on the link above to see for yourself.

One fails to understand what is the use of maintaining a website if timely and updated information is not provided to the public. Obviously, these websites have been made by the tax payers money. One can very well imagine how the citizen’s money is being blown by the government when even the department responsible for collecting the taxes is least bothered about it’s accountability to the public.

There can be no excuse why the babus in the government refuse to work as this poor state is doling them 25% of the state’s total budget expenditure in salaries. Also the public has it’s doubt about the honesty quotient of the excise and taxation department.

Can the political class now get into the issue of governance and rather stop being a paper tiger by issuing statements in the media.

Only in Himachal..!!

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2 Responses to "IT goes for a toss in Himachal as govt websites show obselete information"

  1. Surender Kumar Dhaleta   October 28, 2010 at 7:31 am

    The Himachal government seems to be in a time warp. We need someone to burst this bubble. The biggest problem is that these age-old politocos themselves don’t understand IT. What is IT? IT for them is playing games on the computer and that too nothing more than Spade or Solitaire or may be Minesweeper. Beyond that they don’t know how to email, forget browsing. The laptops given by the government to bureaucrats, bought through the tax-payers money are used by their children or wives – again to play Solitaire. The bureaucrats themselves don’t know the difference between a C drive and D drive. But laptop chikna hona chahiye. Bachche ko pasand ayegaa. How are these laptops procured and tenders allotted (a Rs 45,000 laptop, when booked in bulk should come for around Rs 35,000, however, the government buys it at Rs 80,000 or at least the billings are of Rs 80,000).

    No political party in Himachal is grooming the youth. May be Mr Dhumal ponly, who is grooming his son, beyond that there are all buddhas.

    • NITYIN   October 28, 2010 at 8:30 am

      Absolutely Surender. These websites are a waste of time and money. None of the Himachal govt department websites have any proper information. Try and download any forms, you won’t find any. There are no FAQs of any department on these sites.

      HRTC website timetable is all junk and also not updated for ages. Bus timings are mentioned wrong. This is the most frequently visited site. You still cannot book an ordinary bus ticket online? Why??

      Transport department website still has no information of value. RTO information is missing. Basic thing like getting a form for driving license is missing. Procedures for registering a vehicle is mentioned no where. Details of series of vehicle numbers in Himachal like which number belongs to which city is missing….

      They are just loaded with useless junk and a mandatory picture of the ‘beloved’ leader of the state. You have rightly said these people are just useless buddhas who have no inclination or vision to atleast make lives easier of the public.

      Just look at the quality of these websites. Even a third grader can design better websites these days!!


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