Justice delivered: Himachal High court cancels bail to Aman Kachroo case accused

Shimla: Hearing the suo motu petition in the Aman Kachroo case the Himachal Pradesh High Court today cancelled the bail given by the Dharamshala fast track court to four medical college students, accused of ragging to death first year student Aman Kachru last year, and directed them to surrender.

Noting that the bail order was against the law, Justice D.D. Sud said: ‘The order passed by the trial court granting bail to the accused is against law, accordingly quashed and set aside.’

‘The trial court would proceed with recording of the evidence on the dates (Aug 2) already fixed and would ensure that the trial is conducted from day to day. The court would ensure that no undue and unnecessary adjournments be granted to either side,’ Justice Sud observed, in a 37-page order.

The court directed the accused to surrender in the fast track trial court at Dharamshala on Thursday by 10 a.m.

The fast track court of Dharamsala granted bail to Ajay Verma, Naveen Verma, Abhinav Verma and Mukul Sharma July 17 after 16 months of custody.

Setting aside the bail order, the high court said that ‘the trial court ignored that three of the accused (Naveen, Abhinav and Mukul) are also involved in other criminal case’.

During the arguments, Advocate General R.K. Bawa, who represented the government, said the trial court has shown undue haste in granting bail to the accused without considering the fact that the recording of the evidence would come to an end Aug 6.

The trial court has so far recorded the statement of 26 witnesses. Statements of some doctors and police personnel are to be recorded, he added.

The Himachal Pradesh High Court had suo moto taken cognizance of the bail being granted and had issued notices to the state government and the four accused to remain present in the court on July 24. However, the hearing was postponed on July 24 and was listed for Monday. After hearing both sides judgement was reserved for Thursday.

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