Killer roads of Himachal this time grasp Bengal tourists

There has been a tragic accident reported near Banjar in Kullu district when a Tempo Traveler carrying Bengali Tourists went off the road at Acchharu nullah, about 13 km from Banjar. The tourists were on way to Kullu from Shimla and had taken the route via Jallori Pass when the vehicle went off the road. Two of the killed have been reported as 8 and 10 years old children.

I also travel through this road when going to Manali. This is a picturesque road with some great views on either side of the Jallori Jot. I did a post last year when I had traveled on this road. From Satluj side the road is fine till Khanag but once reaching Khanag, the track simply disappears and one has to find the road at almost 75 degrees ascent till Jallori Pass. Once crossing the pass the road is again in shambles till Jibhi but the gradient of the road is fine. This entire road is very narrow and if a bus comes from the other side no passing is available at decent distance. This is a much traveled road by the tourists as Shoja and Jallori Pass lies on this route. Entire stretch from Khanag to Jibhi is accident prone due to the worst condition of the road. Drivers from the plains have to be extra cautious while traveling on this stretch of road.

As usual the govt machinery has done the lip service by expressing “grief” at the incident. The killer roads of Himachal have truly lived upto their name. Body bags on Himachal roads are increasing day by day and the idiots at the helm of affairs have no clue about the problem.

This may be an eye opener for the tourists visiting the state. Please stay away from the interior Himachal Pradesh. There is no guarantee that you may go back in one piece and become a grief for your families. We Himachalis are cursed to be at the grieving end for our entire lives.

Pic courtsey: The Tribune

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