Kullu weavers demand government attention

The handloom and handicraft sector of Himachal Pradesh, famous for its world-class productskullu-weaver like Kullu Shawls is in doldrums and has sought help from the Union Government.

Traditional handicraft business in Kullu and its surroundings is now in a state of decline as power-loom shawls have flooded the market.

The handloom sector plays a vital role in the economy of locals as it is one of the main sources of income.

The state government is not providing economic schemes to the cooperative societies of weavers, which has resulted in lack of funds and has caused the community to face financial crises.

Local weavers now want the Centre to take a decision in this regard so that they can get loans and credits easily.

Locals look forward to some special schemes from the central government for the up-liftment of the weavers.

They are demanding from the Union government to come up with special schemes for Himachal Pradesh like other northeastern states and Jammu and Kashmir, for the uplifting of the local weavers so that they can have better work opportunities.

As per rough estimates there are more than 12,000 handloom artisans in Kullu district alone.

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