Life during snowfall

I had planned to take a break for a week, tending to my orchards but thanks to the weather gods, I went missing for a good three weeks. I was complaining about no snow but last week it poured from the skies. My village received snow for three consecutive days! It was after years that the village received abundant snowfall. Else we would just be happy seeing snow around Narkanda and Hatu peak. The elders back home had a satisfied look after the snowfall. I had delayed fresh plantation and this bout of snow had been very helpful for the new plants. Apart from apple plants, this time I am trying cherry, pears and apricot. I have around 50 fully grown cherry trees. Cherry plants have more conversion rate to grow into full tree than apples as apple plants are not able to sustain through the summers. There is no provision of irrigation due to water scarcity in mine part of world.

Cherries give handsome returns though not like apples but it is enough to manage expenditure during the year in case of good crop and favorable market prices. Cherry do not require exhaustive upkeep like apples. It is always better to get some cash before the apple season to engage the labour and procure apple boxes.

Coming back to snowfall, for once Shimla looks stunning in snow. Walking on the Ridge and The Mall during snowfall is what I have enjoyed most with flakes falling around followed by some hot chai at Lakkar Bazaar tea stalls on way back home.

Winters is not easy with children and my toddler did catch cold and it was not a nice sight seeing her suffering. Being a restless child she never sits at one place and with her new found confidence of walking around she would prefer to walk upto the main door and prefer watching the outside view. Like father.. like daughter.

Made it to Shimla today. It was frightening with vehicles skidding all over the place. Fagu and Kufri were the worst. Even Shimla roads still have snow. Though it had cleared on Ridge and The Mall.

Thanks heavens for the snow!

Ps: No pictures this time as was not carrying the camera.

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