Mumbai – The collateral damage

As I write, the Mumbai carnage seems to be ending. It was horrific to see Bombay turn into Beirut. A city and a nation taken hostage for 60 hours. Can a group of 25 people finish the entire city? How many will be required to finish off a nation of 1 billion? 500 or may be 1000. As usual people responsible for our safety were found napping. Indian intelligence agencies are nothing but a joke. After any terror attack, they simply wash off their hands and sit and wait for the next incident to happen. top cops Were the terrorists simply testing the waters to make them believe that they can do the same operation anywhere else in the world? Meanwhile the gutless leaders of these groups must be rejoicing in their dark cold caves, soaking up all the attention that they so desperately seek just so they can convince themselves that that have some productive purpose in life.

The politician class stands apart in this whole affair. Two of India’s top leaders could not make it to visit the city together. Modi was already announcing crores when the fighting was still going on. Our Home Minister was probably busy checking his wardrobe for the morning after! Jokers like Raj Thackeray are not worth mentioning even. The political drama will happen from tomorrow onwards. It is going to be a bloody circus. “Strict measures…New laws…Compensations… Red alert.” Only words I can think for the politicians is, They are, to me, like the mess a dog makes on the sidewalk.

Does someone realize how vulnerable our country has become. Anyone from across the border can attack the parliament, the red fort, bomb our cities with impunity. The Jehadis across the border have specialized on terror trips to India. The biggest irony, chief of ISI is coming to India to ‘assist’ in investigation. Why only him? Also invite Hafiz Saed and Masood Azhar and hear from the horse’s mouth. Why is the govt behaving like cowherds? Does the PM realizes we have the biggest army in the region.

In the US, 9/11 remains a one-off. Here, each year every second month there are various repetitions of the terror drama, changing venues, changing faces, changing means but all succeeding in bleeding the nation and destroying numerous innocent lives every time. Clichés like the Mumbai or Indian spirit are just for kidding. We still will move on. Do we have any other choice?  Now we know there exists someone waiting to blow or bleed us apart!

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