Need parking place on Shimla roads? Contact Shimla Police!!

In a bizarre move, Shimla traffic police, it seems, has now started embarking parking places for the high and mighty on public roads putting all rules to trash. Latest to be included in the list of  ‘High and Mighty’ is the newspaper and press people.

The other day upon returning to Shimla around midnight,  while I was searching for space to park my vehicle, the following sign board had my attention.

Dainik Jagran Shimla illegal sign board
Dainik Jagran Shimla illegal sign board near Auckland Tunnel in Shimla

The signboard is pasted near the Dainik Jagran office near Auckland Tunnel. This board is just next to a newly constructed traffic police post on the main road. For the record this spot is NOT embarked as yellow line parking place. Dainik Jagran office is approximately 100 meters from the main road.

Dainik Jagaran Shimla office grabs illegal parking on public road
The illegal parking space captured by Dainik Jagaran is just next to the traffic police post.

While we, the normal cattle class types keep scouting for parking in the area and the local traffic policeman leaves no chance to challan our vehicles and even call the crane when parked illegally. I fail to understand under which rule has the Shimla traffic police embarked this place specially for the Dainik Jagran newspaper.

This road is the property of the Shimla Municipal Corporation and maintained by PWD. Shimla traffic police has no role to embark the parking place for Dainik Jagran newspaper on a public road.

Dainik Jagran illegal parking in Shimla
Another view of illegal parking of Dainik Jagran newspaper on public road in Shimla

Did Dainik Jagran paid money to Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) for the parking space. If so how much  money was paid? Under which rule did SMC gave this space to the Dainik Jagran for parking?

Will anyone answer? or the press has also joined the elite clubs of netas and babus to flout openly every rule of the land?

Read the second part: Dainik Jagran’s parking signboard covered.

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2 Responses to "Need parking place on Shimla roads? Contact Shimla Police!!"

  1. Jatinder Thakur   November 17, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    This is what happens when entire media in Himachal Pradesh is controlled by people from UP and Bihar. These people bring in the ethos of their native states. Police is the same every where. With elections just concluded no policeman would dare to be in bad books of the press. The police officers would not mind their picture pasted everyday on this newspaper for all the good reason. It is a win win situation for both this newspaper and the police.

  2. Saurabh Chauhan   November 17, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    I also stay in the viccinity and the car parked at this very spot is a nusance. The small path leading from Old State Bank building and Hotel Auckland gets jammed at this very spot because of the car parked here. This spot is crowded during the day as there are many coaching classes situated here. The approach of the policeman posted here is quite surprising. While they do not let any car stop here even when anyone is either sitting or alighting from a vehicle, they choose to ignore this flouting of rules right next to their police post.

    I feel Dainik Jagran has paid money to construct this police post here and in return have taken this parking which I am sure is not permissible under any rules. I am forwarding this link to Chief Justice of Himachal High Court and seek justice since Police and media are hand in gloves here.


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